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Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

WEATHER WISE: Rain on my parade

If trails of sweat have been ruining your make-up this summer, brace yourself for the Muggy Indian Monsoon, which is on its way to pour water – quite literally – on all your artistic efforts.        

Worried that your cosmetics won’t pass the humidity test at that monsoon wedding you simply can’t avoid? If the thought of spotty foundation, runny mascara and smudged lip colour is making you ill at ease about your social calendar, worry not. Follow these simple tips when you’re putting your game face on, and rest assured – the monsoons won’t be a complete washout this year.

Ice, ice baby

If you have oily skin, the monsoons can’t be a happy time for you. Thanks to high humidity levels, the sebaceous glands go on overdrive in this season. They start producing oil the second you step out of the shower, not allowing the make up to set well on your skin. To tackle this, rub an ice cube gently on your face just before you apply make-up. This will shrink the pores, and give you an oil-free palette to work on.

KISS (Keep it simple, silly!)

  • During the rains, steer clear of thick foundations that give dense, opaque coverage. Opt for lighter, sheer primers that don’t cake on your face, and can be reapplied if a sudden squall catches you unawares. Translucent mineral foundation powders are your safest bet: if it washes off, just step into the wash room, remove it with a wet wipe, and pat on a new coat. Tinted moisturisers and BB creams are also a good alternative to the bottle of foundation.
  • Use matte face powder. Skyrocketing humidity levels will increase oil secretion, but a matte powder with oil-control will keep the shine (and the stickiness) off your face. In general, thick crème based products are a complete no-no for this season: instead, your watchwords should be ‘oil-free’, ‘matte’, ‘waterproof’ and ‘mineral’.
  • Waterproof mascaras and liners are an absolute must. It’s easy to wipe off sheer foundation, but mascara and liner that has been sullied by moisture tends to leave behind unsightly and stubborn streaks. Pat your face dry gently with a towel if you get caught in a shower.
  • If you must use eye shadow, give the crème ones a miss as they can melt and merge into your mascara or liner to create an unholy mess. Stick to the powder versions, and blend it well.
  • Your hair can give you quite a scare in this season (remember Monica in Barbados?) Condition well to slay the frizz monster. Give serums, mousses, gels and hair mascaras a wide berth: they will capture moisture from the atmosphere and make hair look limp. Just a leave-in conditioner will do.
  • For the lips, avoid dark shades like maroons, reds or dark browns – if they run, it shows. Opt for light shades in matte, such as like pinks, nudes, light browns. And if any, this is the right time to invest in a long-stay non-transfer lip colour. Avoid liquid glosses, they tend to melt, get sticky, and catch strands of your hair – and the results aren’t pretty.

Wash your hands off infection

It is imperative that you are extra cautious about hygiene during the rains  –  this is the time when nasty microbes lurk in every corner, waiting to colonise unclean pores in your skin and cause nasty infections and eruptions. Cleanse every day, and remove every spot of make-up before hitting the sack. Wash you hands with soap before applying make-up. Wash your brushes, dry them in a jiffy with a blow dryer, and store them in an airtight container. At all costs, take a rain check on sharing makeup or brushes, as many of the monsoon maladies are contagious.  

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