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Published on July 16th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

THERE SHE GOES: eve eve Eva!

With glistening sun-kissed olive skin and body tone like that, you can’t settle for anyone less hot than Ryan Gosling.

In her many years as a sultry screen siren before she dated the new global heartthrob, it was Eva Mendes’ distinctive approach to make-up and unique look – with those bronzed eyes and those champagne lips – that grabbed all the eyeballs. True, not everyone is blessed with that luxuriant bronze skin tone like Eva’s. In fact, it is her complexion that offers the most unique palette for those gold-tinted eyes and those nude lips. But the good news is that many Indian complexions approximate hers – and some tinted foundation and bronzer can take care of the rest. Here’s a blow-by-blow, step-by-step account of how she does it – and how you can too!

Priming for ‘the look’

Apply some moisturiser to hydrate washed skin, and use a foundation.  For light, medium and olive skin, opt for rose-gold, champagne, and bronze shades respectively. In most foundation ranges, medium deep is the one that is closest to Eva Mendes’ complexion. If you’re not completely sure about the right shade, you could opt for just a tinted moisturiser.  In fact, Mendes herself often opts for this product over foundation, as it gives her skin that bare look and allows for the accentuation of the eyes and lips. Two products that would do the trick are Neutrogena Healthy Skin Tinted Moisturizer and the newly launched Garnier’s BB cream.

Powder up

Take translucent powder and apply it with a large fluffy make-up brush all over the face to help set the products. To complete that honey-hued look, arm yourself with a bronzer, preferably one with a plum tone, and use it very lightly with the fluffy make-up brush all over the skin. To add that glow of health, use a blush-on which has a golden, bronze or coral tint, applying it on the apples of the cheek with a large brush.

Those eyes…

Now for the tricky part and the centrepiece of Eva’s work of art: the eyes. To highlight the brow bone, use a lighter shade of concealer than your complexion just underneath the eye brows. Then arm yourself with a kohl  pencil – dark brown or black will do – and trace the lash lines. Taking a flat eyeliner brush, blend the lines upwards, spreading it gently for that subtle smudged look. To add more colour, take a soft brown or a mahogany shade of eye shadow and apply it over the entire lid. Make sure you concentrate the colour in the lower part of the eyelid, easing it out as your reach upwards. Do the same for the lower line, but with an even lighter hand. Bring out your eyelash curler and curl, to achieve that subtle retro look that Mendes rocks so effortlessly. Use liberal amounts of smoky mascara to finish the look.

And the lips!

Use a nude lip pencil (a creamy peach tone will also do), and crisp out the edges of the lips with care, since nude shades often tend to blend in with the rest of the face. Fill in with a peachy-nude shade of lip colour (or even foundation) and then finish it off with a sheer lip gloss to give it a fullness and shine. You’ve got the look, and how!


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