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Published on July 29th, 2015 | by Khushboo Rawal

FIX IT: Spray, that won’t spray!

A new bottle of hair spray that doesn’t work? Here’s what to do before you show it the bin. Plus a bit about hair sprays…

Inspired by the new hair styling trends like the dramatic bouffant? For you to do this DIY, you need to have your styling accessories and products including the all-important finishing hair spray. Though used in small quantities, a hair spray adds a touch of finesse, giving it a professional look. Dimpi Patange, Hair Play Salon suggests, “While buying a hair spray, be careful to not get carried away by the cheap substitutes which in the long run can hamper the quality of your hair. Always pick styling products from a salon range like L’Oreal, Wella, Paul Mitchell, TiGi, Toni&Guy and such – better still take the advice of a stylist who can recommend a product suited to your hair type…”

Clogged Up?

Hair spray nozzles are usually clogged due to dried particles which get stuck at the opening of the exit hole of the canister. Since they work on pressure, you can’t open the canister and then and re-use it. So when it is clogged, hold the nozzle under hot water for few minutes. Take a tooth pick or a safety pin to scrape away any visible residue. Shake it a bit and then spray it in the washbasin.The pressure will remove the stuck particles around it and unclog it. Wipe it clean with a tissue or napkin. This should do the job.

Tips to avoid wastage:
  1. Buy smaller sizes than going for the big ones.
  2. Keep them away from heat and direct sunlight. Room temperature would suffice – and put them in a drawer rather than on shelves.
  3. Check for the expiry dates on hair sprays. Something from an old stock would dry faster and flatten out even before you use it.
  4. A hair spray from a good brand will last you longer than that from a low quality one. Be wary of cleverly packaged duplicate one. They are usually diluted and compromised on quality.
  5. Every time you spray, wipe the nozzle with a tissue to absorb any excess product thus avoiding the clog in first place

Broke it?

Since hair spray bottles are pressure-sealed, drilling a hole into them to get the product out if the nozzle is broken is a complete no-no. Usually most branded hair sprays may get clogged but hardly ever break. If yours has broken and not with rough use or handling, we suggest you go back to the store it was bought from and file a complaint. Else you can also call the consumer care numbers of the brand and try for them to give you a solution or simply a replacement.


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