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Published on July 31st, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

IN-BOX: I, me & mane

We do a lot to take care of our hair, or do we? Here are some common myths busted.


I get a trim to help it grow faster.

Actually, no! Hair grows about a half-inch per month, irrespective of a cut. It may grow slightly faster in the summer due to the heat and the hormones. Trimming does eliminate split ends and make your mane look better though.


Stress is making me grow bald!

Er, no. Women lose about 50 to 120 strands per day under absolutely normal circumstances. And yes, you may lose a few more when you’re really, really stressed – physically and mentally or even when pregnant. However, stress will not leave you bald – after a few weeks, hair will almost certainly grow back.


I switch shampoos to give my hair a break.

So, while you may like that new bottle with the lavender smell, your hair can’t tell the difference between brands or build up tolerance to any product. Your favorite shampoo will work the same magic every time you lather up, week after week, month after month and year after year. Alleviate your boredome if you like, but to your hair it makes no difference.


My last rinse of cold water gives me shiny hair!

Sorry to break this to you girls but while ice-cold water might wake you up, it won’t add shine to your hair, at all!


Colour has damaged my hair!

Not – an average blow dry will damage hair more than that bout of colouring! Most colouring products, salon or OTC are gentle enough not to weaken hair. In fact, some contain extra conditioners that may leave hair more manageable than before.



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