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Published on August 5th, 2015 | by Arushi Chaudhary

FIX-IT: Seam Seal!

Flashing a lipstick-smeared smile isn’t exactly appealing. Here are some easy-to-do tips that will make your lipstick stay where it belongs.

Lipsticks are an integral part of every woman’s make-up arsenal and work wonders to provide you glossy, fuller, luscious lips. You don’t feel ready for a date, an evening out with friends or even a usual day at work unless you have daubed your lips with a stunning lip color. Correct application technique is a decisive factor on whether your lipstick will make you feel conscious or confident. Do you feel the need to run to the restroom to touch up your lipstick after finishing a meal? Or are you constantly fighting the urge to pull out that little vanity mirror to see if you’ve feathered your lipstick from sipping on some wine?

Right start:

  • To keep your lipstick from forming vertical lines around your lips apply a smooth layer on foundation. The foundation works as a plug on the chapped lines on your lips that ultimately carry the lip color to the edges. Use a foundation that is a shade lighter than the one you apply on the rest of the face for best results. Let the foundation rest on your lips for a minute or so, allowing it to dry.
  • Pat small portions powder on your lips to help the foundation stay before wearing the lip color
  • Use a pointed lip liner to outline the lips. This will make your lips look more defined and also act as a barrier holding your lipstick in place. Applying a bold layer of the lip liner on the inner edges of the lips will prevent the lipstick from travelling to your teeth. If you are fan of bold reds and pinks, choose a nude lip liner. A broad red or orange line drawn around your lips can be offensive to aesthetic sensibilities.
  • Instead of putting the lipstick directly to your lips, apply it with a brush. Even strokes of the brush are a big aid in smooth application of your lip color.
  • After applying the lipstick, stick a finger in your mouth and move it outwards. This helps in removing any excess color present on the inner side of the lips, eliminating the chances of it being transferred on to the teeth.
  • If you are too pressed for time to follow this regime and would rather quickly dab a color on, choose a matte lipstick. Matte shades do not bleed that often.
  • One of my favorite little tricks is applying a generous amount of petroleum jelly or a lustrous lip balm on the lips before wearing a lip color. This diminishes the chances of feathering to quite an extent. Though lipsticks with color lock technology do not bleed around or end up shining on your teeth, more often than not they begin travel to the outer edges of the lips with time.

Spending a little time on getting your make-up right can go a long way in preventing a style faux pas. The right mix of technique and precision is all it takes to make your luscious lips dazzle.


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