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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

Eye, Try, Buy!

The skin around the eyes is delicate, and the first to show irreversible sings of ageing. Take heed and take care for peepers that look as young as you feel!


Face it, those fine lines around the eyes mean you need some eye care SOS, pronto. Excessive sun exposure, smoking or bad skin care and obviously, natural ageing are all factors contributing to those fan-like lines. Thing is, we tend to forget that the skin around our eyes is significantly thinner than the rest of our face. It’s missing a fatty layer, which basically acts as shock absorber and gives skin its suppleness and elasticity. It has far fewer oil glands thus making it dryer and less hydrated than the rest of the facial skin. Applying a face cream, or a body lotion (shudder, shudder) is the worst thing to do since since it’s too heavy and may irritate the skin further along with blocking the tear ducts and making eyes puffy. A good eye care product is what you need to reach out for, but take time to read the label to get something tailor-made to your needs. You can choose from:

  • De-puffing products: These creams and roll-ons usually contain water-expelling ingredients like caffeine, chamomile or cucumber extracts.
  • Banishing dark-circles: Most under-eye circles are caused by broken capillaries in and around the eye area along with lack of sleep. A retinol-based cream can remedy this problem but an adequate amount of sleep each night is still the most effective way to reduce dark circles.
  • Minimizing fine lines: These are hydrating products that usually come in thicker formulas and are applied at night. Retinol and alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) are active ingredients of the best eye creams, but can make skin sensitive to the sun so do follow instructions.

Tip: Remember that with an eye cream, application is as important as the product. The delicate skin around the eyes has the tendency to stretch, sag or wrinkle when too much force or pressure is exerted on the area. Gently tap the cream under the eyes and on its outer corners using your ring finger. Since this is the weakest finger, it is less likely to stretch the delicate skin around the eyes. Also, less is more when it comes to eye cream so don’t slather on the product – a little goes a long way!

FAB BAG PICKS for Younger looking, Bright Eyes

The H2O+Eye Oasis Moisture Replenishing Treatment has nutrient-rich marine botanicals cool and soothe the skin with moisture, diminishing fine lines and revitalizing texture so eyes appear bright and well-rested. CLICK to view product.

The H2O+ Night Oasis Overnight Eye Complex is a cream-gel treatment specifically designed to work synergistically with the skin’s bio-composition to speed repair and renewal functions. The moisture-rich marine botanicals provide oil-free, deep hydration for visibly smooth, radiant skin while sea-derived essential minerals work synergistically to ensure vital nutrients are rapidly absorbed at the cellular level. CLICK to view product.

The H2O+ Marine Calm Eye Cream delivers brighter, smoother-looking eyes. Japanese green tea, paraguay tea and aloe vera soothe while reducing inflammation. Moisture-intensive cream deeply nourishes and fades the look of fine lines. Caffeine minimizes a puffy appearance; micro-illuminators visibly brighten shadowy under eyes. CLICK to view product.




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