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Published on August 7th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

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Love bursts of fragrances in your bathroom? Well then, you’ll love this!

A super fragranced bath in the morning can really charge you up for the day. And for some reason, guys love a yummy-smelling gal! So here’s how to look (read smell) your very best.

  • Sud up: A good start is a good bath – use yummy scented bath washes and shampoos that leave your skin soft and smelling sweet!
  • TLC for hands: We do use our hands a lot and so we do wash them a lot too – hand santizers smell like sanitizers – to drive men up the wall, just keep some nice smelling hand lotion in your bag and moisturise for a scented handshake!
  • Deodorise, always: BO is a big turn off, even for men. You don’t have to wear a strong deo, just something effective.
  • Spray on: Floral, fruity or fresh scented perfumes work great for the day. At night, wear a slightly stronger scent that tends to linger – but use sparingly – the scent should be elusive, not overpowering.
  • Mists: If you do like body sprays, chose one from the same brand as your perfume – cheap body sprays smell cheap!
  • Mask it: When you have your period, sometimes, you may smell due to a hormonal overload. Wear a scented sanitary towel, or just use a scented intimate wash.
  • Halitosis: Garlic, tuna and onions may be good for health but are bad for the breath. Stay away from foods that may cause bad breath and eat something fruity or sweet for lunch. Also, chew some gum afterwards.
  • Perfumed wear: Use a scented clothes detergent and if your clothes smell of sweat even after a wash – time to throw them out. Also, you may choose to use a scented clothes freshener, say lavender, in your wardrobe.
  • Those peds: Never forget your feet when showering and if you do have smelly feet – use a good foot spray.
  • Layer: If you do like to layer, buy products from the same range, such as a light lime soap, a lemon shower gel, a ‘go fresh’ deodorant and a citrus body spray. Layer the same family of scents – you cannot go fruity for your wash and oriental with your perfume!

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