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Published on August 11th, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

MARKET GUIDE: Hydrate, without humidity

Monsoons are a tricky time for the skin. Hydration is necessary, but at what cost? Not moisturising is not an option though – so it’s best to switch to water-based products.

If your skin’s dry, the damp and humid weather will dehydrate it, but if you have oily skin, you shall be cursed with breakouts thanks to excess hydration. No matter what your skin type is – pollution, dirt, grime and the harmful UV rays of the sun will be the main reasons for damage during the rainy season. Not to mention added issues like wrinkles and infection all aimed at ruining any chance of a monsoon glow. During the rains the skin behaves differently and attracts more grime and dust than usual so a good cleansing ritual is crucial to removing impurities and allowing your skin to breathe. Ideally opt for one that ensures deep pore cleansing while protecting your skin’s natural oils. Toning is a must at night during monsoon because a lot of airborne and waterborne microbes can harm your skin. A good anti-bacterial toner will help to prevent skin eruptions.

To moisturise, or not

A common misconception in monsoon skincare is the use of moisturizer. Many believe that it can make the skin look oily; something that’s totally avoidable in an already moisture laden weather. Experts advise against this rookie beauty mistake. Fact is, moisturising in the rains is crucial to prevent the havoc on the skin created by constant wetting and drying. The key is to use a light anti-humidity moisturiser or serum, which will gently re-hydrate your skin and also brighten it up. Use a non-water based moisturiser, if you happen to be out in the rain often. Otherwise a water- based moisturiser will do just fine.

Finally, don’t forget to use sunscreen. Just because on cloudy days you don’t see the sun doesn’t mean it’s not there. The clouds may obscure the sun, but the skin still risks damage from UVA and UVB rays. A minimum is SPF 15 is recommended if you are just commuting between home and office. The SPF level should be 30 for those who stay out longer in the sun. Re-application every few hours should not be forgotten.


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