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Published on August 11th, 2015 | by Soma Priya

OMIGOD: Insane Beauty

In the quest to achieve beauty, women have tried craziest of stuff from applying pee on acne to using a dye made of sulfur, quicklime and lead that actually killed quite a few. Crazy, is not beauty, or is it?

From time immemorial women have been crazy about beauty and wellness. Glowing skin, porcelain complexion, just bitten lips and cascading beautiful tresses have been the dream of one and all. What is the most bizarre beauty ritual that you have ever followed? Try these historical and quite insane rituals – whatever you have tried, cannot be this crazy!

Pig’s Lard in my wig?

During 17th and 18th century, the importance of wigs became so marked that it became a status symbol. People in these eras wore immaculately designed huge and high wigs. Wigs were made of human, horse and sheep’s hair and to make sure they stayed in place, were treated beforehand, not with hairsprays and gel, but with lard and beeswax. Lard is pig’s fat and it attracted mice. So while sleeping, the royal ladies used to wear a mice cage above their wigs. But what about ants and other insects that found their way up to lick some lard! Eww!

My face powder killed me!

During Elizabeth’s time, a white face was considered beautiful. So much so, that the ladies of the court frequently painted their face with lead to get a pale facial hue. It was also an attempt by many to cover up pitted scars that was courtesy rampant small pox.  Unfortunately due to the poisonous effect of lead, many beauties lost their life prematurely. Deadly beauty, literally…

A bug on my lips you say?

So, along with the pale white face, bright red lips were the norm. Since M.A.C’s Ruby Woo wasn’t there to lend a helping hand, the nobles turned to critters for help. Bugs and insects have red pigments and so were mercilessly squashed and then applied onto pouts to get those glistening red lips! Never mind the taste, or the hygiene. Pukes-a-beauty!

Seductive eyes, or are those convulsions?

Nightshade is a family of herbaceous plants and the foliage and the berries of these plants are extremely poisonous. In the medieval ages, Italian women longed for beautiful seductive eyes – aka enlarged pupils that be-stirred a man’s passions. The women were not feeling the passion; rather the dilation was a result of eye drops of nightshade – aka juices of the nightshade berry.  These ladies did complain of headaches and convulsions, but that was a small price that they paid for those arresting glances that brought men to their knees!

Croc poop makes me young!

This takes the cake! While animal products and byproducts have been used in a number of cosmetic products, including nightingale poop facials courtesy Japan and the Geishas – but actual animal excrement is way too unimaginable. Greeks and Romans beauties were not squeamish, and their idea of a good spa treatment was to fill a bath tub with mud and fresh crocodile poop and then relax in this tub for long.  Beauty stinks sometimes, doesn’t it!



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