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Published on August 15th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Pamper those Peds

Festive and party season means ‘running’ around, equaling tired feet. Here’s how to pamper them!

Your feet are what keep you firmly grounded – be it those long-drawn shopping trips to find that LBD that’s just right, or dancing the night away in killer heels. Next day dawns and your feet pay the price of yesterday’s festivities… Aches apart, you need to be wary of corns, calluses and bunions as well as actual bone damage caused by long hours of impossible heels. To protect those heels, try these tips (from a self-professed high-heel addict!)

  1. The right fit: You may take this one for granted but if your high heel causes your foot to slide to the front leaving a gap between your heel and the shoe itself, discard. High heels that don’t fit properly cause the front of the foot to fly forward, creating more pressure, and subsequent pain, on toes.
  2. Cushion, cushion, cushion: Full-shoe inserts are great but not always possible when it comes to flimsy sandals. Do buy silicone heel or toe pads as they do a super job of shock absorption.
  3. Blocks vs. stilletos. A thicker heel will give you better balance and may help relieve some pressure by distributing the weight on your foot more evenly. Also remember to alternate heel heights on days you seem to be consecutively torturing those feet!  
  4. Arch Friendly: Pay attention to the “slope” or “pitch” of the heel. Gradual slopes are better than shoes that literally put your heel on a 70-degree angle to your toes. Painful!
  5. Open Up: Open-toe sandals are a better choice as they relieve pressure from the front of the foot, particualry if you are a victim of the dreaded corns and calluses. See a podiatrist to have corns and calluses professionally removed and correct the problem that’s causing them. Meanwhile, stick to open-toe shoes.

Home Remedies:

  1. Back home from a great party that’s left your feet achy? Hot water with a little salt is a great grandma’s remedy to soak your feet one but to take that tiredness away, add 2-3tbsp honey too!
  2. For smelly feet, squeeze lemon in a quarter bucket water. Dip feet to obliterate odour.
  3. Once a week, give your feet (actually, your entire body) a milk bath. Keep a bath sponge or rubbing cloth handy, dip in milk and rub over skin. The lactic acid softens skins and lightens any tan as well as acting as a moisturizer.


Biobloom Bath Salt – Foot Soak

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Sand Pedi Butter

A combination of Shea Butter to improve circulation, Kokum Butter to heal damaged and dry skin, and Cocoa Butter to moisturize and remove that dreadful sock tan and blended Virgin Coconut Oil to leave your feet supple and give you that extra bounce in your step! CLICK HERE to view product.

Votre Invigorating Orange Hand & Foot Gel Scrub

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