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Published on August 19th, 2015 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

Getting Misty-eyed: Body Mists Vs. Fine Fragrance Mists

Mists have become the latest rage in fragrances – they are affordable and smell fabulous! But are they really the perfect alternative to perfumes? Fab Bag tells you why you should add mists to your vanity ASAP.

Ital Veloce

What exactly are ‘mists’?

Body Mists are mist sprays that have a subtle aroma and are much lighter. Fine Fragrance Mists are mist sprays that offer all the luxury of a high end perfume at more affordable prices.

Cool, so when do I use which one?

Usually Body Mists are used on naked skin after a shower. A Fine Fragrance Mist can be sprayed on clothes as well as on the skin.This is unlike perfumes and eau de toilettes which should be sprayed only on pulse points.

Do they have awesome properties other than smelling delicious?

Body Mists also moisturise the skin on use, so you can skip that lotion! However Fine Fragrance Mists are mist sprays that are more heavily based on the perfume and less on the moisturising aspect.

So which one lasts longer?

Fine Fragrance Mists are mild but the base notes will last until you get back home. Body Mists lasts only 3-4 hours and usually need to be constantly reapplied.

Is Fine Fragrance Mist the new Body Mist?

Given the fact that most women barely get time to go beyond applying kajal and lipstick, Fine Fragrance Mists are fast gaining popularity. However Body Mists are much lighter on the skin and are still widely preferred for their moisturising properties.

Fab Bag recommends: Ital Veloce for both Body Mists and Fine Fragrance Mists. Their Body Mists are formulated and tested clinically to ensure they nourish the skin on use. They are subtle yet luxurious fragrances based on fruity and floral themes. We love their Fine Fragrance Mists which are inspired by the latest trends in the fragrance and haute couture space. A nose for fashion anyone?

Browse their complete range here.

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