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Published on August 22nd, 2015 | by Khushboo Rawal

FIX IT: Un-break my Nails

Broken nails don’t have to mean a broken heart! Here’s help

Breakage of nails is due to the daily wear and tear. Just like your skin, which needs regular moisture, exfoliation and regular TLC et al, your nails need it too!

A little TLC

Follow a simple DIY routine that you can do while you catch up on your favorite sit-com or when you are traveling. Just rub your nails with a hand and nail cream or cuticle oil until your skin has soaked it. This will increase the blood circulation and nourish the nail bed. Try the Sally Hansen Cuticle Massage Cream or Sally Hansen Vitamin E Nail & Cuticle Oil for cuticles that are soft, nourished and no more hangnails! Another option would be the Vedic Line Cuticle & Nail Cream with Tea Tree & Natural Extracts. Also invest in good nail hardener and keep your nails polish free till they heal. Try Sally Hansen Diamond Strength Instant Nail Hardener for nails strengthened with micro diamonds. Or try the Sally Hansen Miracle Cure to repair peeling, brittle and prone-to-breakage nails. More options include Konad Special Nail Hardener and the OPI Start-to-Finish.

Nails break due to various reasons:

  1. Poor diet
  2. Deficiency of vitamin D and calcium
  3. Continuous exposure to strong cleansing agents like washing powders and soaps.
  4. Overuse of nail polish and acetones.

Nail it!

  1. If your nail has suffered a crack right now then your quickest and easiest tool is a nail filer. File it from all the sides to make it even and to remove traces of any cracks.
  2. If the broken nail has made its way half way through then your only option is to clip it neatly. Just clip the brittle part of it. File the rest and smoothen the edges.
  3. U-shaped nails or rounded tips are bound to break faster than the square-shaped ones.

Quick fix:

A nail break just when you need to look your best?  Here’s some help.

  1. If the crack is superficial, then paint your cracked nail so that the crack is not visible.
  2. Wrap a Bandaid around it. Pretend an injury if it’s really short, jagged and no amount of nail paint can make it look good. .
  3. If you are quirky enough to try something new then take some glue (nail glue works best) in a small bowl. Take a tooth-pick or a fine brush. Dip it into the glue and carefully slide a drop or two between the cracks. This has to be done before you apply nail paint. Remove the excess glue with some nail paint remover. Keep away from water and soap for 3-4 hours. Paint your nails and off you go.






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