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Published on August 27th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

I-SPY: Huge Hair

What’s big this season? Apparently, hair!

If you thought only the yesteryear classics ala Audrey Hepburn loved a bouffant, you thought so wrong. Here’s one version of this classic hairstyle, which never really went out of fashion. Question is; do you dare?

Queen Bee(Hive)

The rather infamous Marie Antoinette was said to have been the origin of the bouffant and the French (and the rest of the world) soon lapped it up. Since then, everyone from everyone has sported some variation of the elevated coif, be whatever the year or age. Here’s a quick bouffant guide for you to try it out:

  1. Apply a volumising spray to wet hair, especially on and near the roots for more fullness and to increase the puffy appearance of your finished bouffant.
  2. Flip your head over and dry your hair upside down. Texturise a bit by scrunching and lifting it away from the roots.
  3. Separate your hair into 3 sections. The first section should begin at the hairline and extend 2 inches back (this will be the hair you smooth over your backcombed hair). Clip it into place so it stays out of your way.
  4. Next, separate the middle section, which is the part you will backcomb.
  5. Finally, separate the back section of hair and secure with a hair clip if needed. You’ll style this part later.
  6. Free the backcombing section (the middle one). Now separate a 1-to-2-inch section and spritz hairspray at the roots. To backcomb: place the comb at the ends of the hair and comb down toward your scalp in a fast stroke. Repeat this motion 1-2 times. If you achieve the desired amount of volume, you have successfully backcombed.
  7. Continue backcombing in small sections of hair until you have combed enough hair to achieve your bouffant hairstyle.
  8. Release the top section of hair and smooth it over your backcombed portions of hair. You may need to use some bobby pins to secure stray sections of hair into place.
  9. Un-clip the last section and comb or curl as you like. Together with the strands of the top section, clip it all into a lowish ponytail or secure with a barrette.
  10. Curl the ends and hold into place with a mousse.


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