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Published on September 1st, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

GURU TALK: Derm’s Say

Ever wondered what makes dermatologists have such good skin? They practice, what they preach…

Skin doctors or dermatologists as you would are no different from us when it comes to wringing their hands over skin problems. The difference lies in how they treat it – quickly, efficiently and without delay. Your skin is an organ and any signs of disease, deficiency or imbalance must be tackled immediately. Here are some dermatologist’s directives on to-dos and not-to-dos for skin…

Expert Say

  • Know thy skin: Your skin type is the very first hurdle to cross when it comes to having good skin. There are four parameters to the skin: dry or oily, sensitive or resistant, pigmented or non-pigmented and finally wrinkled or tight (non-wrinkled). This in turn gives you 16 skin types. Once you know you skin type, choosing the right product and/or skin care routine gets that much more simplified.
  • Know thy SPF (and use it): Many dermatologists if not most agree that sun damage is the most common skin damage and the root cause of problems such as premature skin ageing, wrinkling, sun or dark spots, pigmentation and more. To calculate the SPF you need, think of the time you can be out in strong sun without burning. An SPF of say 10, can then let you stay safely in the sun for 10 times that long. However if swimming or sweating, re-apply every 2 hours to be safe.
  • Know thy allergens: Allergies can be as mild as temporary as simple skin reddening that  could subsides in minutes or boils that take days to heal and leave behind scars. When trying our something new – be it that swanking new cream or grandma’s innocuous home remedy – always do a patch test. Use the product on the inside of your elbow and leave be for 24 hours. If your skin looks and feels fine then go ahead. Any redness, rash or even irritation might mean you are allergic to a certain something in what you used.
  • Know thy routine: CTM, CTM, CTM. Clean skin is healthy skin. Too tired to remove make-up, keep some make-up removal wipes handy. No time for a deep-cleansing mask? Use a 5-minute quickie while you do your hair. You iron your clothes, polish your shoes, pain your nails – remember to give a little TLC to your skin too!
  • Know thy date (expiry that is): Expired products belong in the bin, they cannot be recycles or reused or simply stored for emotional value. You will not eat expired food or medicine. Then why be so ignorant about skin care? Most products do have a certain expiry date mentioned on the packaging – be careful to note it while ‘unwrapping’ them. Pen the date down on the bottle with a non-transferable pen so that you can use it while it’s still good, and throw it out when not!

Till then, take care!


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