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Published on September 2nd, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

I SPY: Face Lace

Crazy about lace? Take it one step further from your outfit to your skin!

How do you stand out in the well-heeled crowd – try face lace! Easy, chic, affordable and with loads of quirk, this party season the beauty gurus swear by lace make-up. Says Samantha Kochhar, MD of Blossom Kochhar Beauty Products Pvt. Ltd, “be it just to stand out in the smokey-eyed crowd, or even to hide a last-minute zit – face lace is an answer to every girls’ last minute make-up agony. You can create various looks ranging from simple designs over the eyes or forehead to the more elaborate, daring and intricate ones that run across the forehead, eyes and cheeks as a masquerade-mask onto the face. You can also have face lace on one side of your face running from one side of your forehead down towards the end of your cheekbones covering one full or half eye!” While black in general is the colour for face lace make up, one can always experiment with metallic slate grey, bronze and white to add more fun to the whole look…

Get the look:

  • La Ink: Call out your inner artist and just go freehand with an eyeliner pen – you can do this on onse side of the face so that the same repeated symmetry is not needed on the other side.
  • Stencil it out: An easy way to create a face lace make up look at home is to “stencil”. Create a design on paper, or print one out from the internet. Now carefully cut-out the portions you’d like to have on your face.  Hold the stencil against your face, wherever you want the lace to be and trace with an eyeliner pen or even a brush dipped in liquid/gel eyeliner. Just make sure that the paint or gel over the eyelids dries up completely before you step out, and do use a waterproof long-stay one.
  • Readymade lace: For the easiest trick, use ready-made face lace stickers (or bindis) available in a wide variety in the market to get the perfectly laced mask look. Made of thin vinyl with hypoallergenic adhesive backing, users simply have to peel off their desired designs and stick them onto their faces.


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