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Published on September 6th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Best Face Forward

Giving up on hydration? Try these tips before you show that expensive moisturiser the bin… 

Hydrating routines, as prescribed by most cosmetic companies are great if you are able to follow them regularly. But if a particular moisturiser is not working for you, try figuring out the problem before trashing it. Consider the following tips, which could help you maximize the power of your moisturizer.

  • Keep the cleansing gentle: Squeaky clean may sound nice; in reality is anything but. Before you apply your moisturiser, make sure that you use a cleanser that doesn’t end up drying out your skin even more. You could try using a cleanser with a pH of 5.5, the same pH as your skin. After you cleanse, instead of vigorously drying your face, gently pat or blot it dry with a soft towel to avoid any abrasions.
  • Sun Protect: Either use a moisturiser with a sunscreen or apply one on top of your moisturiser. Using a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or higher has many possible long-term health benefits for your skin, including preventing wrinkles and skin cancer. The sun’s rays also dry out your skin so adding SPF protects the skin further from dehydration.
  • Switch to gels: Don’t avoid “hydration” just because you have blemishes. Acne-prone skin needs moisture, just like any other skin type. If you have acne, just be careful to choose a moisturiser that’s non-comedogenic and oil-free. Gels are great to try as they hydrate without giving you an oily feel and any further spots.
  • Be sure of allergens: Test out new products before slathering on generously. Even if it’s a moisturiser and the product’s label says that it is hypoallergenic, it still might contain something which you’re allergic to. Test it on your forearm first.


  • Shiseido’s White Lucent Brightening Moisturising Gel  is a night time moisturiser that revitalizes skin after daily exposure to external stressors such as UV rays and dryness. Apply the Shiseido moisturizing gel regularly to improve your skin texture and optimize skin functions to give brightness like none other.
  • Oily or combination skin, combined with the tropical climate we live in, often means that we shy away from hydration. The result is dry and dull skin. The Clarins Hydraquench Cream Melt delivers cool, all-day moisture while eliminating shine brought on by blazing heat and humidity. The hydrating Katafray Bark and Pomegranate extracts create a protective “micro-environment” that shields skin from hot weather, pollution and environmental extremes.
  • That we all age is a certainty, but do we have to look every bit of our years? The Clarins Double Serum says no. Engineered by 27 years of plant science and over 20 plant extracts, the Double Serum [Hydric + Lipidic System] combines two powerful age-defying serums into one optimum balance to help fight all aspects of visible ageing giving you firmer skin, visibly reduced wrinkles, more even complexion and less visible pores.
  • We know you hate heavy, greasy sunscreens in the Indian weather. We bring you a sunscreen that it so light and non-greasy that
  • your skin will crave for it – everyday! Clarins UV Plus HP SPF 40 Day Screen shields you from sun damage with 100% mineral  filters. It defends against the elements with a patented anti-pollution complex and fights free radicals and DNA damage deep within the skin’s surface. It is so sheer, it pairs perfectly with any moisturizer.
  • Looking for some wonder treatment for your skin this winter? You’re at the right place! Intensive, moisture-replenishing care is what the Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase provides. It acts at all levels of the skin to help restore the skin’s natural hydration mechanisms. Use it to replenish thirsty skin for radiance!
  • In a perfect world, your skin would repair and replace damaged cells so quickly that you’d have a continuous, healthy glow. In the real world, our skin needs a little help. Your December box brings to you an absolute legend from America’s greatest skincare brand – Elizabeth Arden. The Visible Difference Optimizing Skin Serum uses 100 years of spa science and an exclusive retinyl complex to gently retexturize your skin to reveal a healthy, glowing skin tone.



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