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Published on September 8th, 2015 | by Ahana Basu

MARKET GUIDE: Steamy affair

The good news is that you needn’t go to a beauty parlour, nor lean face-forward into a massive cooking pot to get steam anymore. Try a portable steamer instead…

As a teenager, I had two major afflictions – a perpetual cold and blocked nose, and oily skin. I took steam regularly to clear the nasal passages, but it wasn’t until I went for my first facial that I realised steam was meant to clear your pores as well. It’s really a very cathartic feeling, lying there and sweating out all the evils in you and letting your skin breathe. With home facials becoming a norm, portable facial steamers can be brought right into your kitchen or bedroom.

Metro Surgicals Vapouriser/Steamer

This might sound a little too much like hospital supplies, but then a facial is a ‘beauty treatment’. Artfully shaped to ensure the steam doesn’t escape and that you don’t have to hold a towel over your head, this is a good buy for a fair price of Rs 1,200. The steamer claims to be shock-proof and includes a nasal as well as a facial mask.

Equinox Vapouriser

This works if you’re looking at something basic and portable. It doesn’t do anything very fancy, but it will serve your purpose of a home steamer. It’s easy to use and cleaning it will not be too much of a hassle to clean. Priced at a very reasonable Rs 450, this will work as an easy solution to whatever feels clogged on you, whether it’s your nose or your pores.

Whitening Ionic Facial Sauna Steamer

If you don’t really want a nose unplugger doubling up as a facial steamer, you could move towards the more specialised vapourisers, meant especially for facials. These tend to be on the pricier side and the Whitening Ionic Facial Sauna Steamer Instrument is a good mid-range buy for ladies who want to pamper their delicate facial skin without (completely) breaking the bank. Ionic steamers give off finer vapours than regular ones and release a melee of ions that hydrate your skin while opening up your pores. Priced at Rs 3,869, this is at the lower end of the ionic-steamer spectrum.

Beurer Ionic Facial Sauna

Going a little higher up in terms of both quality and price, this facial sauna promises deep cleansing, increased blood circulation and to restore the pH balance of your skin, all in one steam. It comes with its own measuring cup and a container to hold any water spillage. This one is a little expensive at Rs 5,510, but hey, apparently you get a whole new face out of it!

Panasonic EH-2424 Facial Ionic Steamer

So, I would have to sacrifice 8-10 pairs of shoes to afford this, but reviews have been excellent. If you’d rather take care of your face than your feet (or if you’re lucky enough to be able to do both), you could consider this steamer. It promises steam that is 1/8000th as fine as regular steam with fine nano particles. Sounds ideal for your ladylike self, since you won’t feel like you’re in front of a sizzler.

All these are available online. You could also ask your local medical supplies shop if they keep any in stock. Once you’ve got your very own steamer, say goodbye to the angst-ridden teenager within you and look ahead to fabulous skin!


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