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Published on September 8th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

REAL BEAUTY: Manners Inc

Continuing in the same vein as we did yesterday, here’s some more expert gyan on how beauty, should behave!

Gorgeousness can be a waste if accompanied with bad grooming. Those stunning lips may lose their appeal if bad breath is a permanent resident, so be careful of bad grooming and bad manners… Beauty is as beauty does!

Thou shall not have bad breath. This reeks of poor grooming. The reasons for halitosis are myriad – it could be something as simple as skipping a meal or forgetting to brush, or something as grave as liver, kidney damage. If bad breath is giving you a bad name, get to the root of the problem and visit the ENT, pronto!

Thou shalt not emit BO. Before your friends and colleagues start dropping those not-so-subtle hints in the form of deodorant gifts, do something about body odour. Remember this simple formula: Sweat + bacteria= BO. Since you can’t do anything about the microscopic organisms that have colonised cosy nooks in your body like your underarms and the grooves of your toes, it’s sweat that you must keep in check to stop smelling fetid. Use shower gels that have astringents to shrink pores of your skin, which in turn will make you sweat less. Rubbing alum on areas that tend to emit odour will also keep bacterial growth in check.

Thou shalt not dig (or scratch) any part of thy anatomy. We can’t even begin to speak of how much of a turn-off this is for the person sitting next to you or speaking to you. The restroom is just a minute away, so why not take such private rituals behind closed doors? If you find yourself dying to scratch parts of your anatomy in public, you’re probably not washing well enough. Wash intimate areas with lukewarm water to eliminate bacterial growth. If it persists, see a gynecologist.

Thou shalt not sneeze and spray. No one, we repeat NO ONE deserves to be showered with infectious bits of mucous, phlegm and saliva as you go in for a giant whopper of a sneeze. Not only will you be losing a friend forever (and justifiably so), you are also spreading disease and germs this way. Keep a handky or tissue within reach at all times, and if the sneeze dawns upon you when you least expect it, use your hands to cover, excuse yourself, and head for the washroom.

Thou shalt not whisper in public. Besides being extremely rude, this is sure to rock the group dynamics at your workplace or in your friend circle. If you do want to share something with your friend in private, hold on to your horses till you get home and give her a private phone call.


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