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Published on September 15th, 2015 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

FAB BAG PICKS: A “bad” salon

Stylist, hygiene or just a bedside manner – some clear signals that show that your salon might just be “bad”!

I’m not much of a salon goer – I go for haircuts and sometimes a colour job but frankly my face hasn’t seen a salon-facial for a while. Two pregnancies (in three years) resulting in two rather boisterous babies is a prime reason but I am not complaining. And neither am I any worse for the wear. But even when I do go, some things in a salon are complete turn-offs for me.
  • A ‘rude’ stylist: I am fine with a stylist who’s not talkative and quietly does her work, but I take offence against the ones who look at my hair or my skin and shake their heads in a “my-god-you-should-have-come-earlier-to-me’ tch-tch empathy! My hair, my skin, my business. If something needs to be fixed, fix it; if there’s any genuine advise you need to give, give it – but do that in a normal conversational voice – if you are snooty, I can be snootier… And to the dogs with guest manners at a salon then.
  • Dirty bathrooms: If there’s one thing I cannot stand, anywhere, its dirty crud-encrusted toilets. And if I find a dirty bathroom at a salon, then that’s it – vamoose! A salon is supposed to be hygiene-oriented and if they cannot begin with the basic – a bathroom then face it, I doubt they are paying attention to the other, more minute stuff.
  • Making me wait: This is not a doctor’s office, though why we have to wait at a doctor’s is also a bit beyond me. But nonetheless, if 2pm is the time you gave me, either pre-inform me of a delay or get the stylist to be there on time, no matter what. A low-point has been a salon asking me to be on time due to a chockablock schedule, upon which I was, only to discover that the stylist was out for lunch, for a full 25 minutes.
  • We don’t cut children’s hair: Well, advertise is somewhere then, or put up a sign board – but elaborate shoulder shrugs and not-so-hidden eye rolls is not what would make you retain a customer.
  • LISTEN to me: If I ask you to cut my hair shoulder length, please do not cut them shorter than that – there are multitudinous reasons I ask you, the stylist, for something. Listen to me, and if you feel otherwise, tell me before you so something, not after.


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 That’s my grouse list against salons – tell me yours?




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