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Published on September 22nd, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: Strange Beauty

Just thought we’d have fun by reading about a few “weird” beauty treatments around the world that can be oohed at!

10. Chocolate massage

Yes the wraps and masks are common but actually getting massaged and covered with oodles of chocolate? Remember Augustus Gloop from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? In Pennsylvania you can be covered in goops of chocolate and get a really, really, really decadent massage. Ironically at the spa in Hotel Hershey, Hershey! Weird yes, gross no…

9. Care for a nibble?

You see this one at every mall, and even I did give this a try once just to test its strangeness. To have fish “nibble” at your feet, “eating” away dead skin is certainly weird. It’s perfectly fine for me to see fish eat other fish, fish stuck to aquarium glass walls eating away microscopic organisms, but to have fish peck away at my feet, well, thanks but no thanks. Its feels mildly ticklish when it comes to it, but seeing the lack of hygiene at this garra rufa inundated foot centres, I think I shall be giving this one a wide berth and just stick to my pumice stone.

8. Cupping your chi

If you feel a tad imbalanced about your inner energy then this ancient Chinese tradition of placing heated cups that create a vacuum across your spine might just set things right. Of course you have to ignore the ET-like circular welts on your skin. And if you hold Gwyneth Paltrow in high esteem, then you could emulate her in this too.

7. Snakes, eek!  

If snakeskin nail polish is up your alley, then perhaps you should visit California where for $300, you can have real snakeskin applied to your toenails. That’s some really weird nail art!

6.  Want more snakes?

An Israeli massage centre has offered what can be deemed as the world’s most slithery massage. For $70 you can have six non-venomous but rather lovely serpents slither the aches out of your stiff body. The snakes used are king and corn serpents and apparently have quite the fan following. Give thissssss a try, anyone?

5. Love thy brew?

Think the best bath could be had would be oodles of beer? Well, Czech Republic is a place where you could realize you beer fantasies – drink it and well, bath in it. The beer is raised to Jacuzzi-like temperatures and it is the believed that the hops in it exfoliate dead cells while yeast detoxifies you. But what about beer BO?

4. Poo on my face!

Sadly, we are not dissing you – this is real. From the time of the Geisha, Japanese have use nightingale bird dropping in face treatments for a really brightening effect. Allegedly effective because of an enzyme in it, the poo is passed through UV rays to sterilize it and then milled into a fine powder before being used in facials. We plead the fifth!

3. Urine therapy

This is perhaps the grossest on the list. According to a book – if you wipe your face the first thing in the morning with well, your own pee – you could cure many skin problems. Err, I pass!

2. Beaten to beautiful

In the quest for eternal beauty comes pain, literally – from being slapped in the face in Thailand, to being beaten on your bare back with brooms made of oak-leaf branches. Spanking!

1. Slimy, honestly!

So yes, I have heard of snail slime cream and its benefits. But to have live snails crawl their slimy path across your face? Eeks! At a spa in Tokyo, Japan (no surprises there!) you are set back some $150 undergo this. Um, say what?


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