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Published on September 25th, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir


Combat the heat and humidity of the rains with these two wonder products 

Saturdays are fun days – there’s nothing to do, no agenda on the rolls and life is just that degree of relaxed… Pampering yourself and a little ‘me’ time is my high point for Sunday, and I hope it is for you too! Between the family and friends – ‘me’ tends to get lost somewhere. So here is FAB BAG, bringing you a few icy products, to indulge yourself with!

Icy Cool

If your skin, like mine, hovers between combination on good days, and oily on bad ­– then I would recommend the Nature’s Co Cool Cucumber Face wash (quite a mouthful, this!) for you! Great hydration, without the oil.
  •  The ups: It provides great hydration without the oil leaving your skin’s thirst quenched yet without bombarding it with excess moisture! The “cool” feeling is fleeting but the freshness lasts quite a while and the skin does feel softer.
  • The downs: For skin that’s combination-oily on certain days, washing the face more than once is advised.

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Hate Sun Block?

The best of sun block creams make my skin feel as if it’s been painted over and unable to breathe! But, SPF is essential to avoid that early ageing, hidden skin damage and (omygod!) dark spots.


  • The ups: It is an active blend of natural botanical herbs and minerals that leaves your skin balanced, glowing and noticeably softer. Along with SPF, it also provides broad-spectrum UVA and UVB protection, good enough for ‘light’ exposure to the sun.
  • The downs: A beach trip may need a stronger product but this one is great for daily wear.

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