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Published on September 27th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

WEATHER WISE: Of olfactory memories

Back in the day, it was about signature scents. But times have changed, and so has the climate. It’s a better idea now to have a small selection of perfumes based on the weather and the sharp variations of temperatures…

My grandparents died when I was young, and my memories are receding fast. So every year on my annual trip back home, I creep into their dark, empty room in our old house. I open the heavy doors to their old, creaking teakwood wardrobes. In minutes I am wrapped up in the smells that still cling to their clothes, and the memories that they bring with them. My grandmother’s legacy is her collection of crisp cotton sarees that still fill the air with the smell of Cuticura talcum powder. My grandfather’s safari suits still remind me of his rough cheeks, and how the sharp woody smell of Old Spice inundated my nostrils whenever he picked me up.

  • In spring or the rains, it’s a good idea to bathe yourself in lighter, fruity mists like citrus, melon, grapefruit, mandarin, dew, and fresh-cut grass. The fragrance should be gentle, soft, and as fresh as the season, getting those endorphins going to give you a happy high.
  • In warmer climes, and the hectic summer months, opt for scents that soothe your senses. Green tea, coconut, jasmine, vanilla – scents that are strong enough to mask the unpleasantness of sweat but light enough to make you feel fresh and clean.
  • In winter, it’s time to bring out the deeper, richer, more lavish scents with heavier molecules – Rose, patchouli, cedar wood, myrrh, amber, resins, dry wood, spice. They warm you up and go well with the rustle of silks and the crisp woolen blazers. Choose sensual fragrances that linger.
  • And then there are some of those unique works of perfumery that actually capture the essence of weather change. Take for example this masterpiece from Lush called – you guessed it right – The Smell of Weather Turning. The assemblage of fragrances in this solid perfume is nothing short of miraculous, and makes you giddy with images of the world that beckons from beyond the cottage window. The top notes are hedgerow, hay, honey, wild mint and the exquisite aroma of wet grass. These notes remind you of rolling, verdant meadows and forests kissed by the rain. The top notes give away to darker, somewhat smokier scents, drying down to a chamomile. It’s like sitting next to a campfire after a walk in the woods, with the wind bringing with it whiffs of tree sap, beeswax and nettle. The perfume is strange but inexplicably beautiful. Its makers taking inspiration from wiccans and druids, this is like poetry for your olfactory senses, evoking a sense of cauldron-side tales told by witches as they brew their potions.


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