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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

GURU TALK: Sonic Sarwate’s Sermons!

From being laughed at by a “teacher” at a make-up school to being senior artist with M.A.C today, Sonic Sarwate believes in M.A.C’s credo of ‘All Ages. All Races. All Sexes.’

Sonic’s teenage years were a story in self-evidence of his artistic and fashion-conscious bent of mind – at 14 he became the family’s hairstylist. Even earlier than that, his mother and sisters followed his advice in dressing themselves up. Soon after a career in fashion designing came the natural progression of being a stylist. Add to that an advanced make-up course and you get Sonic Sarwate – one of M.A.C’s hottest make-up stars. Here are three make-up mantras by him…

The make-up trend:

If I have to pick one trend out of all the trends I would really choose the “skin trend”. It’s all about spa skin, skin that has highlights that look wet and is perfected with skincare to achieve naturally radiant texture. Serums, moisturizers – feed your skin for it to look its plumpest best and then use top quality make-up to highlight it all.

A wonder product:

Looking tired or haggard? Use a serum or primer to give your skin a boost before you pile on make-up. I like using M.A.C prep+ prime (natural radiance). It’s a magic product I like to use to brighten up the skin and add a most desirable natural glow to any skin before putting on any make-up.

What not to do:

Many if not most women match their make-up to their outfits. It’s not about wearing same color head to toe. It’s about choosing make-up that compliments the outfit and complexion to enhance the beauty. Choose colours that like you, not the colours you like.

Not surprisingly, given his current home in Mumbai, or “Bollywood,” the hub of Indian movies and fashion, Sonic cites period makeup as a key reference in his work. Marilyn Monroe is a particular favourite. It’s a classic makeup look of the ‘50s which can make anyone look like a million dollars. Working on shows like Alexander McQueen, DSquared2 and Roberto Cavalli during Milan Menswear Fashion Week AW2012 was a dream come true. Having that under his belt, Sonic’s determined to continue strengthening his craft and has set his sights on becoming Director of Artistry at M·A·C.


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