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Published on October 2nd, 2015 | by Neharika Sabharwal

TIPS & TRICKS: Gift some Beauty

Chocolates and flowers are cliché, gadgets uninteresting, so the presents we love (besides diamonds of course) are those that make us look more ravishing than we already are…

Tired of your boyfriends buying you useless presents? Confused at what to get your BFF this festive season? We get you girl! Being spoilt for choice has just made it tougher to buy the right gift. So if you’ve crossed out all your options and have started to panic, relax! Try beauty gifting. It’s easy, thoughtful and personalized! Read on as we help you rediscover the art of beauty gifting. Beauty gifts are a safe bet and so much fun to give and receive. Think about it! Every single person you come across takes regular baths or showers, so even if you don’t know their beauty regimes, rest assured, a kit of luxurious bath products can never go wrong. Planning to give beauty products or cosmetics as a gift? Here are some guidelines on how to do it just right!

  • Play detective: Familiarize yourself with your gift recipient’s basic style patterns. Your observations will give you clues about what beauty products would be most fitting as gifts. For instance, if her nails are always immaculately groomed and polished, or she always smells pleasantly fragrant, this should give you an idea which direction to take with your gift-giving.
  • Gauge your closeness: To avoid any gifting faux pas, always keep in mind your closeness to the person. For example anti-aging skincare products are perfectly acceptable for your mum if you know they are her favourite and she would love getting them as a gift. A good thumb rule is to go with a person’s preferred brand. If you know they love Burberry or Elizabeth Arden, an item from the product line will be a welcome addition to their cosmetic collection.
  • Gift Packs: The best part about beauty gifting is all the value added gift sets available in the market during the holiday season. Apart from being attractively packaged, they are offered at a reasonable discount. If you know a specific beauty product that someone uses and there is a gift set available, you’ve hit gold! Alternate options include manicure and pedicure kits with extra emollient creams and exfoliants. These are readily available off the counter and are as practical as they are pampering.
  • Safe Bets: When in doubt, paving neutral ground is a safe wager. Go with body creams, lotions, hand creams or shower gels. Everyone uses them and you have plenty of options to choose from. The lip gloss from MAC you’d die without or the bath salts that are instant stress busters are great choices. Everyone loves to discover things they haven’t previously indulged in themselves.
  • Gift Cards: Still lost? Go for a gift card from a cosmetics line and let her choose what she wants. Remember to match the value of the present to the occasion. This is not to say that you should scrimp if you can effortlessly afford to splurge, or that you should go broke. Simply scale your gift selections according to your personal budget.

Finally, everyone loves a gift that shows you put your heart into it, so make sure you wrap your beauty gift with panache to add that special touch.


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