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Published on October 3rd, 2015 | by Rima J Pundir

FAB BAG PICKS: An Alphabet Soup!

BB, CC or plain tinted lotions – give you skin the right tone for it to glow…

 A few months back I traveled abroad and hit the cosmetics counter at the duty free, only to come back absolutely bewildered by the range of “skin fluids” out there. Beginning with tinted moisturisers and foundations, and finally headed to alphabetised BB, CC, and DD creams – the list of the ever-burgeoning array of colour-correcting cosmetics is endless. So which one is right for you? Here’s the low down of what is what, and which to buy!

The ‘A’ of it all: Tinted Moisturiser

The name is self-explanatory – moisturiser with a bit of sheer colour. Great for naturally glowing and youthful skins that do not need much to achieve perfection. The colour is sheer and day-wearable while the moisture lasts 6-8 hours.

The downside: No SPF so layering is necessary.

Moving on to ‘BB’:

BB creams offer better coverage than tinted moisturisers, have SPF and added skin care benefits like those in serums such as anti-ageing, whitening, brightening – the list goes on depending on what brand you choose. The coverage is lighter than foundation and ideal for women in their 20s and 30s for day wear.

The downside: Since they have colour coverage you don’t use enough for adequate sun protection. Also the shades are limited unlike the many choices of a foundation.

Do you ‘CC’?

CC stands for color correcting and these creams, as opposed to BB targeted for general radiance, are meant to address skin issues like redness or sallowness. Also, the finishing of these creams are improved – more soufflé lie with a whipped, light, fluffy feel and finish.

The downside: Limited shades and when it comes to India, very limited availability.

To the ‘DD’ of it!

The year end of 2012, along with the world-is-ending theory, brought with it the news of DD creams – Daily Defense – basically poised to be heavy duty body and foot creams… However Julep has kind of thrown in a spanner by launching what it’s calling a “Dynamic Do-All” cream this summer, like a BB/CC hybrid for improved colour tone. So it’s back to the drawing board with all that!

No E, Straight to the F of Foundation:

The best part about foundation is that it comes in so many shades and gives a more exact skin match. The heavier coverage also gives a near-perfect skin tone – especially for a night out. Several makeup artists often use BB cream as a primer but for sheer radiance, they do put foundation on top.


Bourjois BB Cream Compact Foundation

Bourjois BB cream compact foundation is your make-up and skin care dream cream – a compact foundation with eight actions in one. It perfects, smoothes and evens out the complexion, targets and corrects imperfections and smoothes away signs of fatigue. This compact foundation erases shine, is anti-aging, provides long-lasting hydration and has SPF 20 protection. The creamy texture gives you a perfectly smooth, even complexion for a velvety second skin finish and a medium coverage. CLICK to view product.

Bourjois CC Cream Foundation

Providing the skin with 24 hour hydration, SPF 15 and an all over even look, the Bourjois CC Cream Foundation is a must have. It contains 3 colour correcting pigments, Apricot, Green and White for anti-fatigue, anti-redness and anti-dark spot results. You’ll be left with a naturally luminous complexion and flawless finish that lasts all day. CLICK to view product.

Inveda BB Cream

Enriched with Almond& Magnolia, BB Cream provides protection to skin along with other multiple benefits. It effectively conceals blemishes, fine lines & wrinkles & is a perfect base for makeup. Also, hydrates & tones Skin. It is Anti Ageing & has SPF 20 which protects Skin from UVA & UVB rays of the Sun. BB Cream Matt suits wheatish complexion. CLICK to view product.

So we have covered the A to F of it all, wonder when XX, YY and ZZ creams would be launched? Interesting ideas, anyone? Have a happy week ahead!



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