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Published on October 3rd, 2015 | by Soma Priya

I-SPY: Go Purple

A royal shade, a playful hue or just a bright tone… Purple can be dressed up so fine! Here’s some inspiration…

Purple is just one of those colours that can be worn in numerous shades… Lavender, lilac, blackberry, plum, passion flower or eggplant… Depending upon the shade and the hue, the look can be made playful, bright, royal, sultry, subtle and many more. Purple shade is for every skin tone right from the olive to the faired ones. You just need to dress it up right. Like for the dark complexioned ones, shades of grapes or plums when applied on the crease of eyes, will highlight and define the eyes. Similarly for the fair skinned ones, shades of lavender when applied as liner or mascara will give a fresh burst of summer look. So here’s your opportunity to check out the enigma that celebrities create with their purple make up so you can try it yourself this festive season.

Ginnifer Goodwin

In a recent dinner party, Hollywood actress, Ginnifer Goodwin was seen wearing purple smoky eye shadow – by layering dark purple powder shadow over a crème ice blue base – she looked stunning. She further highlighted her face with a soft pink blush and nude lips that really set off her gamine look. Her fitting purplish grey outfit added to the allure.

Lea Michele

In the People’s Choice Award function, TV Actress Lea Michele dared colour rules by going pink with her outfit, and purple on her eyes. A purple eye shadow, liner and mascara made her eyes really look ethereal – coupled with a really soft blush and lip gloss, her make-up, like her, rocked the stage!

Salma Hayek

You have to love Salma Hayek’s soft yet modern look. The cat-like eyeliner and the classic updo coupled with the rather modern pastel-purple pout of her created a diva like look perfectly. The soft coral blush that sat high or her cheekbones have her youthful appeal.  Teaming the same with an LBD – she really got the purple look down to a pat.

Kelly Osbourne

Now here’s our celebrity beauty Kelly who is so obsessed with purple hues that she got her hair coloured lavender. Though she looks bold and sexy in this tone of lavender, I am pretty sure that this is going to be a fashion-fad with very little followers. For those who want to follow this hair colour, her hair has tones of blue, grey and lavender – and for fun, you can always have a streak or two of this multi-shaded tone.

Mila Kunis

As if a plunging purple lace gown weren’t enough, Mila Kunis also know all the make-up tricks in the world to ensure that she looks the best, wherever she may be. A smokey purple with shades of chocolate instead of black, liner-rimmed eyes, an almost bronze blush and matte peach lips – alongwith her hair set lose in spirals really makes her look gorgeous.

So  the mantra is to know your shade of purple, ensure that less is more and keep on experimenting  because  “purple is in”!


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