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Published on October 4th, 2015 | by Soma Priya

FESTIVE PICK: Glitter Glam

Ready to celebrate? Then add a little sparkle to your eyes with glitter liners!

Let’s face it; glitter is the perfect choice for the festive season. Teaming it right will make it go easily not only with glamorous make-up but with a casual look as well. Work on your eyes and keep everything else understated and voila, you will be the talk of the town. The good thing about glitter eyeliners is that they are are chic, affordable, easy-to-use and with loads of variety. Check out the five celebrities’ eye makeup and their unique style of gracing glitter eyeliner.

Avril Lavigne

The green hair highlights, coupled with the green eye make-up, complete with glitter really gives Avril a pixie-like rock chick look! To get this look, even if you skip the highlights, simply sweep on some bright eye shadow in the colour of your choice – green, mauve, pink, or icy blues are a good palette. Now add in a darker hue of glitter eyeliner in the same shade and rim your upper and lower lash line. Add in mascara – lots of it and finish with soft pink gloss on the lips.

Nicole Scherzinger

Pussycat Dolls singer, Nicole Scherzinger was spotted at a recent rock event wearing glitter eyeliner. The glitters break the monotony of her black gown and her cascading hair. Begin with neutral eyeshadow and fill in your upper lid. Now using an eyeliner colour of your choice, draw outward tails on both the corners of eyes. Rim the eyes with kohl and finish the look with mascara.

Jessica Lowndes

Glittery eyeliner can be teamed up with any kind of eye makeup be it natural eyes or smoky eyes. Jessica wore this glittery eye make up for her 21st birthday bash. To create intense eyes like her, brush copper eye shadow on upper lid. Blend it with black eye shadow and with a black liner; outline the shape of eyes completely. Now apply some falsies or sweep some mascara. Once mascara dries up, apply glitter liner on either or both the lash lines. To create some drama, go for vibrant colours like turquoise, purple, green, silver or gold.

Carmen Electra

Her eyes are definitely making a statement here. You can create this look by drawing the liner on the upper and the lower lid. With a brush and some powdered grey eye shadow, smudge the line you have just drawn. Finish the look with silver glitter pencil end-to-end. Delicate yet fierce.

Emma Watson

Well, agreed that this cannot be an everyday look, but for a special event, you can pull it off with panache.  Emma Watson wore this make up on the NY Harry Porter premiere. Her eyes are done up in “black swan inspired” thick black liner and shadow. To give it a glamorous touch she has gold shimmer applied in the inner corner of eyes and on the base of lower lid.  There’s gold glitter along the outer corner of eyes. The combination of gold on black makes it unexpected, different, fun and glam, period!


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