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Published on October 6th, 2015 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

GET PREACHY: Weight Wise

Weddings, parties, festivities – if there was ever a reason to pile on pounds – this is it! Here are some pro tips to reverse the scales…

Curves are cool, but flab ain’t fab. Is the weighing scale weighing you down? Worry not, we have 5 sure-fire strategies to take care of all your ‘weighty’ issues and cut those love handles down to size, with time. Take a look.

Eat more, weigh less: Disclaimer – When we say this, we do not mean meat pizzas for breakfast and cupcakes for lunch. But research has shown that instead of helping yourself to three large sleep-inducing meals that slow you down and take time for your body to break down, it’s a better idea to opt for six small meals, say at intervals of two hours. A handful of nuts, a bowl of low-fat yoghurt with some honey, an apple, an egg white omelette, a wholegrain toast, a cube of cheese, a glass of skimmed milk – keep refuelling in small, palm-size amounts, every two hours. When you body doesn’t get food at regular intervals, it goes into starvation mode, and instinctively starts storing food for future use in the form of fat. But when you feed your body healthy food at regular intervals, it knows that the goodies will keep coming, and so stops storing, and keeps the metabolic machinery going at a smooth pace.

Break that fast: Never skip breakfast. This is a potential game-changer in the world of weight loss. Eat a nutritious high-fibre, high-protein meal within the first hour of rising. This kickstarts your metabolism for the day, to make sure that the food that follows is processed with equal swiftness. Also means you won’t need to binge for lunch.

Work it off: Enough excuses. Hunt out those track pants and long-forgotten sneakers, and march out of home at the next dusk or dawn. Walk briskly, jog, or even join that aerobics class, because no diet plan is complete without exercise. The trick is to get your heart rate up, gradually: the more you move, the more your cardio-vascular system is activated, making you burn calories. Experiment and gradually reach your optimum workout duration. Exercise for a minimum of 20 minutes at least once every three days. And always, stretch, both before and after.

Water yourself: Drink at least 21 small cups of water every day. Water flushes out toxins and keeps your bodily functions at their optimum. Pre-loading yourself with water before meals also ensure you do not slake thirst with food (or sugary drinks) instead.

Brownie points: Reward yourself for your toils. Choose a day of the week when you can help yourself to one or even two sinful foods that you have craved all week. So the next time you feel like the desperate desire for a juicy burger, jot it down on your little diet diary, and file it away. Tell yourself to wait, and work towards it by eating healthy. When the Sunday arrives, go ahead, grab hold of one. Better still, “cook” that sinful food over the weekend itself – slogging in the kitchen will burn off calories while the wafting flavours will ensure portion control is automatically in place!

NB: Suddenly gained a lot of weight even though you’ve been eating healthy and working out? Visit your doctor: it could be caused by something more serious than your hidden stash of wafers and cookies.


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