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Published on December 11th, 2015 | by Gayatri Dahiya

WEATHER WISE: No More Winter Blues

5 super tips to amp your skincare routine this winter, to let your summer-glow skin look rosy in the cold too!

The onset winter is just round the corner. Prepping for the winters goes beyond pulling out your woollies and beloved shawls from the recesses of some trunk or corner of your wardrobe. Let’s explore what all needs to change when it comes to TLC for our skin for it to remain as glowing as it is in summers! Winter is tough on the skin. The dry air, wind and cold weaken the skin’s natural barrier, rob it of moisture, and cause the skin to scale and crack easily—making your skin feel tender, itchy, tight and miserable. So how should a woman change her skin care routine to help combat the winter misery?

Change your Routine

  1. Cream-Based Cleansing—Ditch your gel-based, anti-shine, oil-reducing, neem, whathaveyou face cleanser for a creamier, richer one that won’t dry out your skin with every wash. The switch to hot water dries the skin enough than to add more damage. If you’re looking for a natural alternative – try cleansing your face with cotton wool dipped in raw milk every morning and night.
  2. Heavy Duty Moisturisation—If there’s one season that allows for drenching your skin with moisture – winter is it. Don’t worry about break outs; just pick a rich moisturiser suited to your skin type. The summer heat and monsoon sticky-ness causes some damage, especially such as wrinkles, and an uneven or dull complexion. Invest in a good hydrating moisturizer that penetrates deep beneath the skin’s surface to heal the skin from within.
  3. Intensify Skin Repair—Most of us shy away from using super effective ingredients during the warmer months because of the fear of break outs or sun sensitivity. Winter is an ideal time to intensify your beauty regime. Head for those treatments you’ve been putting off, or just pamper yourself at home with effective lotions and potions and serums to cure all skin woes.
  4. Dampen the Air—You know how you wake up with a parched throat after sleeping with the heater on every winter night? Your skin, hair and lips suffer the same fate each night. Dry air is one of the biggest contributors to dull winter skin, so it’s wise to invest in a humidifier – sleep with a humidifier or put dishes of water nearby your bed.
  5. Winter Groceries—We are what we eat, and our skin is often the best indicator of how good or bad our diet maybe. In the dry, cold winters, replenish your skin and body with foods that contain healthy fats like omega 3 found in ground flax seed and salmon. Also, load up on foods that contain antioxidants, like blueberries, spinach, and other leafy green vegetables.


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