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Published on February 4th, 2016 | by Deesha Bondre

Tease Him to Please Him

You may think of them as a subtle teasers but these naughty little acts can turn him on like a switch. Whether you’re an expert at this or not, we bring you 5 extremely fun ways to add some zing to your sex life. (Your man would approve too!)

Naughty Note

If you’re the shy kind, this one’s just for you. Give him a tease when he is not around. Spice up his day (and yours) at work by sending your man an out-of-the-blue e-mail. Tell him how much you desire him & what you’ll do to him the minute he comes home. Send the message to his personal account though. Then when wait for the racy reply.

 Be a flirt

Sex starts in another room besides the bedroom. Flirting is the key to getting it going. Let your man know you think he is attractive and tease him a little bit to remind him you can be naughty too.

 Jersey Girl

Clothes can make sex hotter…especially something like a sports jersey of your guy’s favourite team. Swipe something from his dresser drawer or surprise him with a brand-new one of your own. Leave the jersey on, but nothing else.

Love for Heels

Why limit your love for heels just for the outside? Dress in your sexy lingerie and keep your high heels on, while you and your guy do the deed. They’ll make your legs look ultra sexy, and give off a couldn’t-wait-to-get-it-on vibe.

Set the Scene

You know how sex is always more fun on vacation or in a hotel room? Recreate that luxurious feeling at home. Pull out the special sheets and buy champagne. Don’t forget to spritz a sexy scent in the air. Try these amazing products to add to that:

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