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Published on March 3rd, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Curly Hair Secret

Blessed with curly-wavy locks but cursed with eternal frizz? If that’s your story, here’s the ultimate secret to smooth and luscious curls…

In an industry inundated with countless claims of turning ugly ducklings into swans, only to leave the consumer flat once they leave the salon – master stylist, Sam Brocato, believes that knowledge is the key to everyday beauty. “Hair truly can be emblematic of who we are – it is a representation of our personality and our life”, says Sam. “When a stylist can bring this out, it creates an instant connection with the client.” Creating a connection, is what has driven Sam since opening his first salon in 1976 (with three more following) and later, two Academies of Hairdressing in Baton Rouge. Sam has shared his vision and immense talent throughout the country and the globe, and has been honoured as “World Top Fashion Hairstylist,” by the World Hairdressing Congress in London, and as “Editorial Stylist of the Year,” at the North American Hairstyling Awards. In 2005, Sam has been chosen to receive NAHA’s prestigious “Lifetime Achievement Award”. Brocato products, are his vision of carrying hair care forward, into your homes.


BROCATO CURLINTERRUPTED SMOOTHING & HYDRATING SHAMPOO: Brocato is a 100% Organic Hair Treatment Range made in USA. Their products contain a high % of actives, including active keratin that softens and smoothens any kind of coarse or fizzy or curly hair. This shampoo has a gentle, sulfate-free and paraben-free formula cleanses while smoothing the cuticle of the hair. It adds soft, flexible bounce to coarse or curly hair without the use of damaging ingredients. CLICK HERE to view this product

BROCATO CURLINTERRUPTED SMOOTHING & HYDRATING TREATMENT: This smoothing treatment conditions, detangles and relaxes coarse, curly or frizzy hair. It’s the second step in Brocato’s regimen designed for hair that requires softening and smoothing. CLICK HERE to view this product

BROCATO ACTIVES RESTORATIVE HAIR INFUSION SERUM:  This shine serum is perfect for hair damage as it repairs and replenishes damaged hair, imparting instant shine and smoothness. When paired with a blow dryer, it works as a conditioning booster and even works to speed up blow. CLICK HERE to view this product

BROCATO CURL CALMING BALM: No matter how thick, curly, kinky your hair is, Sam Brocato’s curlinterrupted Curl Calming Balm has you covered. A small amount turns coarse, frizzy curls into soft, smooth spirals. This formula provides perfect balance of moisture to leave your locks feeling super soft, shiny and frizz-free in even the most hot and humid climates. CLICK HERE to view this product

These sulphate-free products are designed to nourish, strengthen and restore damaged, weak and vulnerable hair. Together, they will leave hair feeling soft, fresh and healthy. And being colour safe; they will not weaken or change colour-treated hair. They contain:

  • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: A moisturizing and conditioning agent that repairs the damage that occurs from environmental and chemical treatments. It improves the overall feel and appearance of the hair.
  • Sunflower Seed Extract: Protects hair from the harmful effects of UV radiation by limiting the production of photo-induced free radicals.
  • Hydrolyzed Keratin: Enhances optimum penetration of the Keratin protein, imparting gloss, strength and texture.
  • To Use: Massage the shampoo into wet hair, lather and rinse. Follow up with the treatment and thoroughly massage from roots to ends and leave on for 2-5 minutes. Rinse completely. May be used as often as needed.

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