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Published on March 13th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Shopaholic Alert!

Being a woman is expensive – think of it, endless salon trips, lingerie, high heels, bags, jewellery, dresses that keep getting dearer as they get shorter, and of course, a never ending supply of all things beauty. But sometimes, we end up increasing the expense more than is needed.  For a gal who has some 60+ nail paints, 20+lippers, an odd assortment of 50+ eye make-up things and other innumerable things that make for just-too-many beauty products she can ever use; every mall trip often translates into yet another one – to her ever-increasing chagrin! So now I have strident checks in place – ways I make sure that I don’t end up spending moolah on beauty, JLT…

  • Expiry Dates: The big no-brainer – all beauty products come with a shelf-life and so the more products I own, the more I let them expire… Now most beauty products have their expiry dates written on the packing, not on the product itself – so every time I buy something, I put down the expiry date on the product with a permanent marker.
  • Numbers: Honestly, I have actually counted my products – so whenever I feel my itchy fingers reach out for yet another thing I crave, but don’t need, I check the numbers. You don’t honestly need that 6th face mask or 11th body lotion.
  • Rotate the products: If you have been a spendthrift like me and have ended up with a tad too much you can use, rotate your products – use everything one by one so that at least you do not throw out unused products. Then, if you do not like the product so much, try passing them on to friends or family who do not mind half-used products. Make other products multitask – too many face washes, use them as a body wash. Too many face creams – use liberally on hands and feet. Too many body lotions – use them as a moisturising ingredient in homemade scrubs and wraps.



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