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Published on April 11th, 2016 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Lose Weight the Right Way

Food – at least the correct kind – can actually be an invaluable weapon at your disposal in the weight loss journey.

Burning with envy every time a woman with an enviably svelte, lithe figure walks by? Why not burn some calories instead? Now hold on, we aren’t talking about butt-busting workouts, but just some super-foods that you should warm up to if you’re looking to shed some flab. Ever since the worldwide obsession with fad diets kicked in, food has suffered undeserved slander. All you have to do is befriend foods that help in weight loss rather than trigger gain. So stop looking at food as the enemy (or  a necessary evil), and know which kinds will rev up your metabolic engine and put you on the fast lane to weight loss.

Lean meat

Would you believe us if we told you that a hearty chicken steak is good for you? (Of course, we can’t vouch for the sauce you pick to go with OR the fries that come with) Protein carries what are called negative calories – you actually burn calories while digesting protein-rich foods! For instance, if you’ve chomped on a steak, your body will burn about 30 per cent of the calories that it brought into your system, even as it digests and metabolises it! All other proteins, like nuts, lentils and low fat cottage cheese are good for fat loss, as they help build muscle mass and keep metabolism steady.

Low fat dairy

This includes curds, skimmed milk, even cheese. The right kind of dairy diet boosts your metabolism, which is the key to maintaining and lowering your weight. They also help in production of muscle, instead of fat. Yoghurt is a great fat buster, thanks to its combination of amino acids and calcium, which is known to burn calories.

Whole grains

The more refined or processed your food is, the easier it is for your body to store fat from it. But whole foods make your body work it out. You actually expend (another word for calories) while breaking these foods down.

Green tea

It contains EGCG, a miraculous compound that accelerates your metabolism several notches. So make a large pot and sip on it at intervals. The anti-oxidants teeming inside green tea will also work wonders for your skin. You can’t lose with green tea – oh wait, you CAN. Reports suggest that you burn 50 calories a day just by sipping on this.

Red chillies

A red hot chilli pepper a day could keep the flab away. Wait, we don’t mean a member of the band (though that too would be a good incentive!) Chilli peppers are rich in capsaicin, a chemical that makes your eyes burn – and your calories! Sprinkle as much red chilli flakes on to your salads and soups as you can tolerate, and feel the fat come out of your ears!


They aren’t just scrunchy and full of fibre; these rosy cheeked friends come packed with a chemical, called pectin, which combine with water to create a compound that prevents your cells from absorbing too much fat. Another fruit group you should befriend are berries, which act as a guard against carbohydrate absorption, and keep insulin, a known cause of obesity, in check. Also, grapefruit is known to hike metabolic rates, and contain enzymes that burn fat.

So eat, but eat right, on your way to a more-toned body…


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