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Published on April 26th, 2016 | by FAB BAG

A Good Night’s Sleep

Many of us struggle to get 7-8 hours of recommended sleep every night. While it’s important to get enough sleep, a short restful sleep is much better than the number of hours. To make the most of your rest period choose any one or more of the following options.

Eat a light dinner

This is not only good for your waist, but one of the best ways to feel comfortable while lying on the bed. It’s particularly important to watch what you put in your body in the hours leading up to sleep time. Stay away from big meals. If you do end up going out for an occasional heavy meal, time it in a way that you still have two or three hours before bedtime.

Go for a stroll

A 20-30 minute walk after dinner makes the body relaxed and tired enough to sleep easily. Both brisk walking and a leisure stroll work fine. You can make this a family time routine. For busy office-goers this is a great way to catch up with the day’s events and benefit your body at the same time.

Take a warm shower

A warm shower or bath before bedtime will not only scrub off the dirt and sweat from the day, but it will also immediately calm you down and help you to sleep better. Add few drops of your favourite essential oils to the good old bucket of warm water to be surrounded with a refreshing lingering aroma.

Eliminate caffeine after 5pm

Consider eliminating caffeine post 5pm or cut back your overall intake. Caffeinated drinks, which act as diuretics, dehydrate you completely, and give headaches and migraines. Replace it with natural herbal teas and plain water. Another tip here is to reduce the intake of too many liquids closer to bedtime. It may result in frequent bathroom trips throughout the night.

Be regular with spa appointments

Go for regular massages and pampering sessions. Massages help to eliminate the toxins and keep your skin hydrated and supple. These sessions give you that much needed relaxation and help your overall well-being.

Disconnect from technology

If you have no time to follow any of the above tips, the least you can do is completely disconnect from technology the minute you hit the bed. It is proven that the light from these devices keep you awake throughout the night or don’t give you a restful sleep. Keep a regular alarm clock in your bedroom instead of using your phone. Tablets, mobile phones and television should have no place in your bedroom. Your body will thank you in the long run.



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