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Published on May 30th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Colour Me Quick!

We all stick to staples when it comes to make-up – pinks and red for the lips, blues and greens for the eyes and more pinks and oranges for the cheeks. Let’s shake things up a bit – I take inspiration from five (rather four) celebs who dare to flaunt it with panache…

Pink Eye

Pink on the lips and cheeks, sure but pink on the eye? Rihanna manages to carry it off with style – her face is muted – a nude lipper, shimmery bronze on the cheeks. The highlight is the pink eyeliner – an almost fuchsia shade which she lines her entire lower lid and half the upper lid with. The rest of the eye is kept nude except for the over-dramatised mascara.

Say Wha: We like – and this can certainly be a great look for Holi, just make sure your pink is bright and not baby-ish in colour lest it blends into the skin and makes you look “tired”. Blend it with a little red or brown to deepen the colour – it has to be many shades darker than your skin.


Katy Perry certainly does an aquamarine blue in style. Her eyes are framed in a flattering shade of jewel blue and lots of mascara (and do we spot false lashes?) add drama to the queen of pop. Her nail art (smurfs) in the same shade of blue certainly look great. The face is almost nude and flawless while she keeps the lips in a bright shade of pink.

Say Wha: Doable, and while may not have her nail stylist at our disposal – we can stick to nail paint in the same neon shades we dress our eyes in. Oh and since we are not Katy Perry, let’s keep our lips muted too!

Orange Pop

You know that shade of orange we used to get as a stain while sucking on an ice lolly – well that same shade can really amp the sultry-factor anywhere. Look at Megan Fox, no, really look at her. So yes, she’s got the look, the eyes and the lips and the skin and well, the list is endless. But hey, we can get that orange at least.

Say Wah: Slick back hair to really bring in the oomph factor – keep the face muted but bronzed for just a hint of the sun-and-sand and do go all out with the orange on the lips. Eyes can be left bare with some mascara (yes, we love our lashes!)

Neon Lips:

Back to Rihanna for this one – while Lady Gaga too does blue lips, we are afraid to be mistaken for being a poison victim – her brand is just too her to be copied. Rihanna on the other hand manages to carry blue with amazing grace (no pun intended). Deep kohl on the eyes, a bare face and those blue, blue lips set off a real jewel tone!

Say Wha: Don’t have blue (or green or yellow) lipstick says you – no issues. Prime your lips with a little foundation and balm – now use your trusty neon eyeliner pencil or shadow to fill in. A hint of clear gloss and you are ready to show off in all your glory.

Shimmer Shammer:

Sometimes nude is the best colour – but to really take nude to heights (or depths), use shimmer and glitter. Take Jessica Biel – the girl can really shine under the spotlight and her shimmery make-up does add to her, shall we say, sparkle!

Say Wha: Cheat trick for those of use not having shimmer make-up – mix your bronzer or shimmery blush with foundation for that sparkly skin tone. Layer on shimmer eyeshadow, a matte blush and nude lipper.

Here are some lipsticks and eye shadow colours we love:

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