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Published on June 14th, 2016 | by Yashodhara Ghosh

Hair goof-ups to avoid

You have tried every possible shampoo-conditioner available in the market and you still carry the same rough, damaged or frizzy hair. You have also sneaked-peeked in the toiletries of your role model but that also didn’t work for you. Read on to know about the 1o common hair care mistakes you might be making…

  • High temperature of the hair gadgets: Do you switch your flat iron to max temperature in order to get perfect straight hair within no time? Of course your hair will get needle straight but at the cost of a lot of hair damage. Heat damages hair cuticle making it dry and frizzy. Use a protective serum before a straightening session
  • Tying hair while it’s wet: Hair tends to get weaker while it’s wet. Tying up wet hair leads to weakening of roots. Also your hair ends up smelling bad. So let your hair dry fully before you tie them up.
  • Conditioning only the lower portion of hair: It’s a bad idea not to condition your hair from root to tip as the entire length of hair is made of the same protein and if the upper half is not conditioned properly, it will lead to drying. Use a mild conditioner to moisturize your hair evenly from root to tip, avoiding the scalp.
  • Vigorous towel drying: Understandable that you have a thousand things to do post a head bath but that doesn’t give you an excuse to towel dry your hair in a hurried and rough manner. Vigorous towel drying of hair leads to more breakage and split ends.
  • Snapping through your knots: When hair is dirty or it’s curly it tends to form knots. Be gentle with these knots and with a lot of cajoling gently run your comb through them; otherwise your hair will get weaker and will break mid-way. A good idea is to use a wide toothed comb.
  • Delaying trimming session: Your hair needs a trimming session after every 6-8 weeks. Get it done in time lest you wish to find split and brittle ends.
  • Use appropriate shampoo: Use a shampoo that is meant for your hair type. Every bottle of shampoo reads the description of the type of hair it is meant for.  A wrong selection can make your hair either oily or dry.
  • Say no to same hair style or pony tail: If you wear your pony tail at the same place every day, you tend to lose your hair line. Also the point you “tie” your hair becomes more susceptible to breakage. Try out new hair styles every few months.
  • De-tangle hair before shower: Strands of hair on bathroom floor! Reason is that you don’t brush and de-tangle your hair before shampoo. Wet hair tends to break more so do a gentle shampooing and conditioning.
  • Don’t be a copycat: A hair style that looks good on somebody might just look terrible on you because of a different texture of hair, a different face contour or a different personality. Understand what looks good on you.


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