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Published on July 4th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

How To: Waterfall Braid

Get the waterfall braid by Ayesha Mistry, Creative Director, Juice


From Mumbai to Dubai and from stylist to trainer, Ayesha Mistry’s philosophy is as follows “I believe that hair styling and makeup is a form of art, through which I love to challenge myself creatively and express myself through my work”. Party hair for this season is curly, that hasn’t changed, however what has changed is the way people wear their curls now. While some prefer tonging their hair hence adding a lot of volume and texture into it, some an out-curl blow dry so they have a little bit of movement at the ends. What’s catching the eye this season is tons of braids!

How to

  • Start a French braid on one side of your head
  • Once you get past the ear, only braid in half of the bottom section of the hair, letting the other half of the section fall back down. Angle your hands so that your hair is moving towards the back of your head
  • Pick up a little more hair from the right besides the top section before you move your top section over to the middle once again. You will need to add the extra hair with the top section and fold over the middle section
  • Now instead of folding the bottom section over the middle, drop it and pick up the section of hair that is loose next to the section (the hair left loose in step 2)
  • As you fold the new clop of hair over the middle section, you will see the section that you dropped looks like a “waterfall”
  • Continue the same series of steps till you reach the other end

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