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Published on July 8th, 2016 | by Neharika Sabharwal

Beauty Wars: Eye Liner or Eye Pencil

When in a dilemma to choose between liquid liner or eye pencil, read on and make your choice…

They say eyes are the most powerful tool a woman has. One right look can convey the most intimate message. No wonder then, every girl grows up realizing the power of eye make-up. In a hoard of available options, an all time favorite has been the eyeliner. Whether you want to create drama with bold cat eyes or a sexy and smoldering look, eyeliner can be your best friend. As amazing as the magic of eyeliner maybe, using it can be a little intimidating. Bringing it really close to your eye while keeping a steady hand is not as easy as it looks.  Add to this is the age old dilemma, of what is the better option, the eye pencils or the liquid liner. If you too are confused between the two, read on…

Pencil Liners

  • How to apply: Pencil eyeliners are preferred by most women because they are easy to apply and dry quickly. Application techniques are much more versatile so it’s perfect for beginners who have a hard time drawing lines. You can start at the inner eye and sweep to the outer eye or you can also start mid-eye and sweep outward. The same technique can be used to line as much of the lower lid as you want. Best way to use pencil liners is to line your waterline just the way the gorgeous Mila Kunis perfects it.
  • The upside: A cosmetic bag staple, pencil eyeliners are usually made with kohl or a creamy base and work best when you want to achieve very dramatic looks. Given, the pencil is known for its ability to make the eyes look larger and well defined, if you are looking to make a bold statement for an adventurous night out, then eye pencils are the way to go.
  • The downside: The downside of pencil liners is that they are not as dark as liquids and gels, so creating a dark, defined look is difficult. Also, pencil liners tend to smudge easily and need to be sharpened frequently.

Liquid Liners

  • How to apply: Liquid eyeliner is always the best for the ones who know its application technique. Once you are adept at it, you can easily get a smooth line over your eyelid. To apply liquid eyeliner, you need to close one of your eyes, place your point finger on your forehead and pull your eye slightly downward. After this, apply the liquid eyeliner by sweeping the liner from the inner to the outer end in a single fluid motion. You need to keep your eyes closed for a few seconds so that the liner dries. Repeat this process for the other eye. For the lower eyelid, open your eyes and pull the lower eyelid slightly downwards. Apply the liner as you did for the upper eyelid and look upwards to let it dry. Angelina Jolie is well known for her sharp cat eye looks, which you can recreate with a liquid liner.
  • The upside: Most women have a love/hate relationship with the liquid liner, but if you’ve developed a steady hand, the lines with liquid liners are definitely sleeker than the eyeliner pencil. These are great for giving sharp cat eyes and look fantastic when doing the flick.
  • The downside: This is probably the most difficult type of eyeliner to use but if you prefer the neat, yet dramatic look over the smudgy smoky-one, liquid liners will be worth the trouble. Any squiggles means complete wipe-off with a fresh start – and do wait and let the miner dry before you open those peepers, lest you end up with raccoon eyes!


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