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Published on July 18th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Monday: Wake me up

Partied a little too much, for a little too late? Here are three quick tips for you to look as radiant as ever the next morning!

Too little sleep and the best of us can look a bit rough around the edges. Add to it a weekend of little or too much food, exhaustion and general joie de vivre and Monday mornings are often “bad mirror” days. Here’s how to give you a mini facelift!

Layer your skin…

To keep the chilly winds at bay, we layer ourselves in warm clothes. From thermals to sweater to coats, our bodies stay protected from the draining winters, but our skin often does not! Layer the skin too! Once you have cleansed and toned in the morning, use a good plumping serum. Then add on a good cream/moisturiser – wait till it has been absorbed and spritz some facial mist/thermal water. Moisturise once more and then use SPF. Now use make-up as you deem fit.

Tone up:

Your favourite toner or facial mist (an alcohol free one) – pour it into an ice cube tray (just use one bracket, not all) and wait till it freezes. Now pop the cube and wrap it in a wet wipe or a piece of muslin/cotton cloth. Rub the ice cube across your face gently till most or the entire cube is melted. The cold revitalizes the skin and makes the blood rush to the fore while rubbing the cube ensure all the goodies from the toner/mist are absorbed in. Pores are also closed and voila, instant glow!

Eyes eyes baby:

Take a chilled cucumber and grate it roughly. Now place it along gauze or a long piece of cotton cloth. Wrap the cloth till it’s long enough to span the eyes – press firmly against the eyes and keep on for 10-15 minutes. This will allow the fluid accumulated around the eyes to drain and for the skin to firm up!

Chin up, smile and be jolly! Weekend will soon be here again…


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