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Published on August 18th, 2016 | by Soma Priya

Yellow Eyes Look

Yellow is a fun and exciting shade. So let’s take on this shade with bold make-up!

The different shades of yellow vary from lime to sun and from marigold to canary; making it approachable as a great make up shade for people with varied complexions. With some real gumption and a few right techniques, the fairest to the tannest lot can think of wearing it. This spring showcased a number of creative and more importantly, practical ways of wearing this colour. Still skeptical about this new make up trend? Feast your eyes on the bold yellow of these celebs…

Rachel McAdams


Hollywood Actress Rachel McAdams was seen wearing canary yellow eyeliner at one of her movie premieres. It was bright and emphasized happiness and sunshine. She used fresh nude shades for her face and the pink lip colour highlighted her eyeliner. There was no smokiness in the eye at all. It brought a lot of individuality to her makeup and gave her a girly look of a diva who’s open to experiment.

Emmy Rossum


To compliment her flowery outfit, Emmy Rossum wore yellow and ombre orange eye shadow. She highlighted her look with pink lip colour. The mantra was to keep everything subtle and highlight the one bright part. Her summery light yellow evening gown went well with her yellow eye makeup.



By Jove, this lady can pull off any look confidently. In her countdown music video ‘why don’t you love me’, she adorned bright yellow eye shadow which is quite prominent over her black liner. In a very 70-ish format, this look created a lot of drama and gives us a hint that her makeup is always diverse and hitherto unexplored.

Kim Kardashian


It’s fun to watch Kim in her different avatars. She experiments quite a lot with her makeup and of course looks flawless. Her makeup choices are also popular and here she has experimented with nude yellow powder. Her mesmerizing eyes are perfectly blended with shades of yellow and green. With a yellow shadow she has covered the upper lid and inner half of the lower lid. She has smudged kohl onto this area. Further shades of grey add to the smokey effect while the muted face really sets off the brightness on her eyes..

 Scarlett Johansson

Look at the eyes of Scarlett Johansson and it will remind you of the setting sun. Her makeup artist has beautifully blended yellow with copper and reddish bronze shades. The inner corners of her eyes and the upper lids are highlighted with hint of dull yellow and the inner rims of eyes are traced with a gold pencil. Again the pout is shimmery pink giving a soft cocktail-ish evening look.


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