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Published on August 23rd, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Make Your Choice: Sprays Vs. Roll-Ons

Spoilt for choice between them both, how do you decide which one suits you better?

Deodorant sprays, non-alcoholic sprays, roll-ons, whitening, anti-perspirants – deodorants have sure moved on from being just BO combatants to far more complicated planes. We weigh the pros and cons for you.

Rolling with roll-ons…

The good:

  1. Apt for those with sensitive skin, even the not-so-good ones can be less harmful than the otherwise harmful deodorants with their bouquet of chemicals.
  2. Roll-on bottles last you longer since they are concentrated unlike the spray deodorant can which get over quickly due to extensive usage.
  3. Roll-ons keeps the sensitive skin around the armpit soft and prevents it from drying thus making them a good option in winters.

The bad:

  1. Since they take a little longer than spray deodorants to dry, you may feel a little sticky during monsoon and summers while using it.
  2. The options as in scents are not as varied as those available in the spray form.
  3. Some of the whitening roll-on can leave white marks on dark-coloured clothes.

Spritz friendly

The good:

  1. Spray deodorants are stronger and a good option for those who are exposed to the sun all day long or tend to perspire more. While it’s good to spray a decent amount to avoid BO, try not to use up half the bottle all at once, the way the commercial tend to show it! You don’t need to be smelling like you replaced your bath water with your favorite deodorant!
  2. Sprays are available in a wider variety of scents.

The bad:

  1. Spray deodorants can dry the skin further if used during winters or when you have a rash.
  2. Sensitive skins may actually break into a rash due to the harsh chemicals in sprays.
  3. You can’t avoid but inhale the first few breaths infused with the spray. This in the long run can affect your health…

A bit of both?

Logic indicates you use sprays during hot summers and humid monsoons. A roll-on tides you better during winters. Also, the airport authorities have become strict about carrying even a wee deodorant in your hand bag. Switch to a cute little roll-on available with most of the brands for ease of travel. In any case, a girl can never have too much of anything be it shoes, clothes, accessories et al. Why leave the deos behind? Looks like you and me will have to stick to a bit of both.


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