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Published on August 27th, 2016 | by Ahana Basu

Tips & Tricks: Slim Appearance

Whether you’ve recently put on a few extra kilos you want to camouflage or you’re just paranoid about every extra inch you put on, here are a few tips and tricks to make you look trimmer.

A wise woman once said, ‘You don’t have to be fat to want to look slim.’ Which basically translates to, ”You could weigh 45 kilos and still have Fat Days.’ No matter how slender we are or how much we work out, most women have an annoying little voice in the back of their heads that says, ‘I wish I was thinner.’ So, here how to look thinner even if you are not…

Cut to the chase

  • Long and short of it: Too-long sleeves create the illusion of serious poundage on your upper body. A good rule of thumb is that sleeves should end right at your wrist when your arms are hanging by your sides. So if you have tops that hang past that point, bring them in to be shortened. Keep in mind, though, that shortening sleeves more than an inch can make the shape of the arm look distorted. But if you already own an item with sleeves that go more than an inch past your wrist, there’s no need to toss it. Have the tailor put a pretty fabric inside the sleeves, so you can roll them for a cute and polished look.
  • Define your waist: If your midsection is the problem, don’t resort to oversize tops. They give the illusion that you’re bigger than you are. If you want more variety than belted blouses or empire waists, look for structured button-up shirts and form-fitting dresses.
  • Pant up: Wear higher-rise and straight-cut pants to prevent your hips from appearing wide. Avoid skinny jeans and jeans that hit your hips. Go for something that has a higher waist, because it won’t create bulges and is more flattering on the butt. With skinny jeans you’ll see the contrast between the larger thigh and the skinnier part that is your ankle, so, trendy as they are, you may want to skip them.
  • High and mighty: Heels create good posture and go a long way toward helping you appear slimmer. If you’re not used to height, begin with a small wedge or chunky heel to elevate yourself slowly. Work your way up to higher heels that you can wear with knee-length skirts and dresses to further define your legs
  • Colour and shape: Large blocks of solid color draw the eye up and down rather than side to side. As a result, the eye takes in more height than width, causing you to appear thinner and taller. Try wearing a dress in a solid color or a deep blue top with dark wash jeans.Stock up on v-neck tops, V-necks and other vertical necklines draw the eye up and down, elongating and narrowing your torso. Avoid horizontal necklines, like crew necks and boat necks, since these may make your shoulders and bust look wider.

 Get the look

  • Long hair draws attention away from a full face. Get soft layers, which highlight bone structure, even on a big girl. Another super-slimming trick: volume. Plump up hair with hot rollers or a volumising spray — think Beyoncé, not Snooki — for full waves that flatter all figures. You could also go for highlights, to make your hair your defining feature. 
  • For makeup, play up your eyes. The larger your eyes look, the more petite your face will seem. Go crazy with smokey eyes and play with your eyeshadows as much as you want. 
  • When using bronzer for your cheekbones, use a “natural matte bronzer as opposed to one with shimmer which will just draw attention to round cheeks
  • Use bronzer on the bottom jaw line, which will create an illusion of a shadow, and blend outwards toward your chin, This can take several pounds off your face and hide any signs of a double chin.
  • You might not think that your eyebrows matter, but full, well-groomed brows make a huge difference when you want to slim down your face. They add definition and create “a triangular illusion, keeping the onlooker’s eyes on the center of the face


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