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Published on September 3rd, 2016 | by Jehan Raffiuddin

How To: Fix Hangnails

Another bane of your hands, hangnails are an unsightly menace…

Check your fingers and toes and stop there if you see dry and flaky skin along the border of your nails. These are hangnails, colloquially called ‘Stepmother’s blessings’. Winters are the most favorable conditions for hangnails since dryness is the chief cause of them. The other causes are harsh chemicals, long exposure to soap and detergent and biting nails. Uncared hangnails are breeding grounds for ‘paronychia’, an infection that leads to swelling, reddening and pain in the affected area with possibilities of pus discharge in worst conditions. So, this is probably the loudest alarm bell for you to get your hangnails cured

Some TLC

  • Moisten your nails and nail beds from time to time with specialised cuticle cream or any thick cream that will hydrate the skin around the nails, hold moisture and give thumbs down to dryness.
  • Ensure that your fingers and toes are dry most of the time. During times when you soak them in water be equally alert to dry them as soon as you are through with the process.
  • Soapy solutions are major culprits that cause hangnails. So, do not mind spending a few extra bucks and bringing home detergents that are softer for your hands. Wash your hands with clean water the moment your fiddling with soapy solution gets over. Next, pat them dry.
  • Cuticles must be pushed back with orange stick as soon as you spot them. Note it; these encourage hangnails!
  • Next time you see tiny flesh around your nails cut off with nail scissors instead of pricking them or tearing them off with your teeth.
  • Do take out time to give your hands and feet regular manicure and pedicure. The removal of dirt, moisturisation and intense treatment will keep away hangnails.
  • Before retiring at night, wash your hands and feet and rub natural oil stuffed with Vitamin E on nail beds.


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