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Published on September 12th, 2016 | by Ahana Basu

Kitchen Secrets: Curry Leaves

Curry leaves are known for their wholesome flavour! But apart from their aroma and taste, they bring several benefits to your skin and hair too, something that comes as a surprise to many.

Curry leaves are rich in anti oxidants and anti microbial properties. The antioxidants help in purifying the blood, giving a glow to the skin. Curry leaves are used to fight all manner of skin eruptions, from acne to burn marks. Mix half a teaspoon of dried curry leaf powder with multani mitti (fullers earth) and apply on the face. Wash off after it is dry. This works as a good cure, especially if you have sensitive skin. With its anti-inflammatory benefits, it is used in treating bruises as well. Studies have also found anti-fungal activity in curry leaves, which explains why it is used to fight bad breath and gum disease.

Hair raiser

This is where curry leaves seem to work veritable magic; if at least five grandmothers I know are to be believed.

  • Stops hair loss and thinning: Bad food habits, pollution and improper combing techniques aid your hair loss problems. Curry leaves are a rich source of beta-carotene and proteins. Beta carotene prevents hair loss while proteins stop hair thinning. Curry leaves are also rich in anti-oxidants and amino acids. Amino acids prevent hair loss and strengthens hair follicles, while anti-oxidants moisturise your scalp. Anti-oxidants helps in removing dead scalp follicles, which are the primary cause of dandruff.
  • Strengthens hair shaft: The part of the hair which rises above the scalp is known as hair shaft… Vitamin B6 or pyridoxine present in curry leaves act as the hormone regulators of hair loss. High in nutritional values, curry leaves strengthens your hair shaft and hair roots. Curry leaves are quite good for your digestive system as well, hence, removing many hair problems from their root cause.

Get that curry in

  • Include some curry leaves in your daily diet to get rid of your various hair-related problems. You can consume finely shredded curry leaves with milk or buttermilk. You can also add curry leaf powder to your rice and dals.
  • You can use curry leaves by mixing it with some yoghurt. Make a fine paste and massage it on your hair. Leave this on your scalp for at least fifteen minutes, before you rinse it off.
  • You can also make an effective hair tonic by boiling some curry leaves in your hair oil and applying it on your scalp. Massage it well for at least 15-20 minutes. Follow this procedure twice a week to stimulate your hair growth.

So, next time you’re out at your local supermarket or at your grandparents’ house and see curry-leaf trees growing in backyards, pluck a few extra ones, add them to your daily diet and your skin and hair, and let these unassuming leaves work some magic.


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