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Published on September 14th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

How To: Sniff Away Blues

Get those spirits up but you don’t have to turn to booze. Try a few good smells instead!

A rose in full bloom, a cake in the oven, a perfume that smells like fresh breeze, your favourite vanilla lip balm… What’s common to all these? Something as simple as a good scent. Why is it that inhaling something fabulous can lift our spirits so effectively and so fast? Doctors explain that the sense of smell is a “direct” sense. Simply put, with all other senses, you have to process the information first. But with smell, one whiff and its right there, uplifting mood and triggering memories. Take the case of baby powder – all of us who smell it feel relaxed and somewhat snugly thanks to the ingredient heliotropin – a soft flowery scent what we typically describe as ‘powdery’…

A deep breath

Aromas do have a physiological affect on the body, and this can lift off bad moods. Pleasant smells lower the heart rate and reduce stress, and that in itself makes you feel better. So what ingredients should you be looking out for when buying a scent if you want it to help give you a more sunny disposition?

  • Chamomile, long cherished for its soothing qualities and proven to have a mood-lifting effect
  • Rose, which has been shown to have anti-depressant benefits. Splashing your face with rosewater first thing is a perfect way to lift yourself out of those early morning doldrums.
  • Another brilliant morning tonic is citrus – lemon, orange, bergamot – look for citrusy soaps or shower gels for an instant mood lift.
  • Need a little energy or just a boost, try something scented with cinnamon.
  • A libido-lifter is ginger. Grate up some fresh ginger and add to boiling water to enjoy the exotic smell.
  • Fresh-cut grass is another scent that stimulates the senses. Move and mow the lawn or simply head to an open green space.
  • Lavender has long been known as a natural de-stresser, and it’s wonderful after a tough day or when you simply can’t wind down enough to go to sleep. A lavender-scented lotion at night will soothe both your skin and senses.


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