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Published on September 19th, 2016 | by Neharika Sabharwal

How To: Keep Feet Clean

Rotten eggs, decayed cheese, malt vinegar? If your feet smell anything like this once you kick off those Jimmy Choos, read on!

If you’re going into the ‘who, me?’ routine, relax. It’s perfectly normal to stink up a pair of shoes even if you generally smell like a lavender meadow. Why you ask? Simply put, our feet stink because we sweat. If you remember bits of your biology, our footsies have sweat glands that can produce up to a pint of sweat each! That’s ok, because human sweat is essentially odorless. The funky smell is caused by bacteria that feast on this sweat which can’t evaporate, because we’re wearing shoes. Luckily, since women sweat way less than men, our yearning for gorgeous and fragrant feet still has a fighting chance. Here are a few things you can do to de-stink your feet, and shoes.

Clean as a whistle, dry as bone

Perfects idioms for how your feet should be. Wash feet with a strong antibacterial soap and towel dry them thoroughly. If applying moisturizer, let it dry or blot it with a tissue before you step into those heels. Remember, bacteria love moist places, so don’t give them a chance to snuggle in and create that stench.

Spray away

Most of the times, the antiperspirant you use for your underarms works fabulously for feet as well. However, you can also go in for a medicated foot powder or a disinfectant spray. These are easily available off chemist counters. Products from Dr. Scholl (available at most shoe shops and stores) and VLCC (at VLCC salons and beauty shoppes) are effective options.

Sock it

This may not work for heels, but when doing shoes, try wearing cotton socks instead of nylon sheers. They absorb the sweat and prevent bacteria build up. Also, as much as you love that pair of black pumps, try rotating between your shoe collections so they are not damp with sweat when you re-wear them. If you’re shoes are really stinking, take them to a shoe drycleaner or try spraying a bit of your favourite perfume and then sunning them a bit.


Still clearing out rooms when you kick off those heels? Try soaking your feet for half an hour in warm water mixed with white vinegar, lemon or boiled black tea. All of the above carry acidic properties that kill the bacteria and close pores. A quicker remedy is rubbing tea tree oil on your feet. It smells good and will also have a soothing effect on your feet.

A little TLC

  1. Don’t let toe nails grow too long aka claws. Trimmed with a good nail cutter and yes, toe nails can also be filed for some style!
  2. After a long sweaty day out, soak your feet in hot water to which some salt (spa salts are great but table salt works too!) and honey has been added. After a good soak, use a pumice stone to get rid of calluses.
  3. Finally slather on some of that yummy lotion to make them soft and well hydrated. While foot lotions and creams are great indulgences, if your feet are mostly callus free, use your body lotion or cold cream.
  4. Going for regular pedicures to pamper your feet is, of course, a no-brainer, but a little care at home can also result in a fabulous makeover for your feet.


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