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Published on September 21st, 2016 | by Neharika Sabharwal

How To: Blush Looks

You can range from looking like a sun-kissed beach goddess to a meadow-fresh spring maiden by simply using the stroke your blush. Here are two such looks…

Did you know that before the invention of blush women would pinch their cheeks hard to get a rosy glow? Talk about the masochism that beauty demands! Luckily with the evolution of cosmetics we can refrain from self injuries and opt for the plethora of blushes available that brighten the complexion, correct beauty flaws and highlight our contours. But that not all that the all-powerful blush can achieve.

Sun-Kissed Beach Goddess

  • If you think Beyonce always gets that shimmering bronze look from a day at the beach? Think again. You can achieve a sexy golden radiance with a little bit of bronze blush and a little strategy in terms of key zones where the colour needs focus. Bronze is a strong colour so it needs to be applied to just one area. Remember, the darker your skin, the more bronze will contrast with your complexion, giving it the perfect shimmer effect. If you have light skin, dust on a bronzer darker than your skin for best results.
  • Begin with the basics. Prep your skin with a good moisturizer. A nice bronze glow looks better on skin that isn’t dry.
  • Follow this by creating your face’s make-up canvas with primers, concealers and foundations. Now, using a large powder blush/ bronzer brush and a light hand; place the bronzer at the circle of the apple of cheek and sweep along bone towards temple. Also, circle lightly down along outer jaw. The idea is to create a visual flow of where the sun naturally hits your face
  • With a bronze blush look, it’s important to remember that the focus is on the cheeks, so go easy on other parts of your face. Line your eyes with a dark brown or black eye liner. It should look natural and barely visible. Follow that up with a tiny bit of mascara. Also, with this look wearing some clear lip gloss or lip balm is all you need. Still if you’re looking for colour, wear one which has similar tones to your blush.

Meadow-Fresh Spring Maiden

  • If you want to look fresh like a garden of flowers you may want to try this dewy face and rosy cheeks make-up trend. This look is bound to perk up any dullness in the complexion.
  • Begin with prepping the skin with a makeup primer. Follow this by some concealer in the under eye area and tinted moisturizer of the face.
  • The key to achieve a healthy glow with blush is to choose a shade closest to the colour of your natural blush. The general rule is that the darker the complexion, the more vivid should be the color choice. Depending on your skin type, you can opt for shades of rose, pink or coral.
  • For application, smile before a mirror till the apples of your cheeks pop out. This is where the blusher needs to be applied. Start with a small dollop of colour at the highest point and blend outwards with slowly built intensity and greater strokes to create a natural tint.
  • Follow this with some illuminator on the cheek apples inwards towards the temples for subtle highlights. Finally seal the look with powder.
  • The spring maiden with rosy cheeks is an ideal day time look, however, the look won’t work for women with acne and open pores as it will make these flaws look more pronounced.


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