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Published on September 21st, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

How To: Perfect Lashes

The thing about mascara is that it’s not so much the kind that counts but the precision with which you apply it. Here are some tips and tricks that will leave you lashes that set hearts aflutter…

  • Applying two or even three coats of mascara simply means that you apply them one after another, “before” they dry. If you apply another coat of mascara on a dried one, the only result you will get is clumping!
  • If you want to use both lengthening and curling mascara, you can! Use the lengthening mascara as first coat followed by a quick coat of curling mascara.
  • To get glob-free lashes, you can run a lash comb or if that’s too much effort a clean and recycled mascara wand to pick off any excess deposit.
  • To get lusher lashes, concentrate on wiggling the wand at the base of the lashes – that’s where the maximum product should be. Always wiggle the wand as you pull it toward the end of the lashes – wiggling separates the lashes and avoids clumping.
  • Coloured mascara is good… Black works for everyone but can be a bit harsh for the day.  Blue and purple mascara looks great on brown/black eyes.
  • Most of the mascara should come on your upper lashes for a facelift. If you have to apply it to the lower lashes, make it a light touch.
  • Finally, do let the mascara dry out before you open those peepers wide lest you get mascara dot all over the upper lid – I have rather long and curled lashes so this a common problem I face. Just keep those eyes shut for 2-3 minutes and then lightly touch the lash to see if the mascara has dried.


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