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Published on October 4th, 2016 | by Rima J Pundir

Simple Skin Pampering Tips

Simple bathroom routines can make a big difference to your skin. Here’s how!

Busy lifestyles – be it workload at office, or even at home – can really make you feel pressed for time! And many times, those 10 minutes of a good skin care routine is oft skipped in favour of something more urgent, adding to skin woes. Let’s simplify your routine a bit, and incorporate your skin routine into simple 2-minute bathroom times!

2-minute Cleanse:

If you are really pressed for time, then it’s two things you need: a good make-up removing face wash and make-up removal wipes. Use the make-up removal wipes at night to remove makeup, sunscreen, pollution, and other grime you’ve accumulated from the day so your skin can “breathe” and stay fresh while you sleep – and you can do this on the mover, even in the kitchen. In the morning, just use a foaming make-up removal face wash to further clean skin to remove any sweat, oily build-up, dead skin cells, and pillow grunge from the night before. It’ll also give you a fresh palette for makeup application the next day.

Treat Right:

Treatments products are used to “treat” certain conditions of your skin. For example, if you get acne, then you’ll want to include a BHA or other acne treatment of some sort. Once a week, skip the soap in lieu of a good body scrub. It could be your grandma’s secret besan & milk recipe, or a good body scrub from whichever brand you are loyal to. It’ll take the same time as soaping up and yet make a world of difference to your skin. Also, everyday, once your brisk shower is done; keep your body lotion at hand to rub into damp skin. Not only will this make the moisturiser spread faster, it’ll also give maximum hydration benefit. Moisturisers seal in your skin’s natural moisture, while adding extra hydration so your skin can function at its best.

Lastly, do Protect (sunscreen):

SPF is a must – keep SPF wipes handy if you don’t have the time to use lotion. Or just remember to carry a little travel-friendly tube in your purse. That way even if you do forget, you can use it on the go (in the car, office bathroom, mall toilets!).


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