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Published on October 13th, 2016 | by Neharika Sabharwal

Tips & Tricks: Nail Art

From glittery & beaded to the simple & sophisticated French Manicure, kick-start this festive season with gorgeous nail art.

If you want your talons to be a part of the celebrations without paying a bomb for it at salons, why not give it a shot at home?

 Some ideas:

  • French tips: One of the easiest and classiest looks to achieve at home, French tips will require cello tape, a transparent nail enamel and a soft pink nail colour. Start out by applying a base coat of pink. Once it dries cover the end of the nail with the cello tape leaving the tips. Then apply the white nail paint on the tips. Remove the tape after the paint dries and seal the look with a transparent coat.
  • Beaded Nails: Beaded nails are quickly becoming the new hot mani because they are just so easy to do. Just apply a base coat of your favourite colour and stick beads by dipping them in transparent nail paint. Let your imagination go wild with pattern of flowers, stars or random designs. Just remember to cover it up with layer of transparent enamel to prevent the beads from falling off.
  • Sparkles: Get a disco chic nails in 15 minutes with some sparkles. Apply a transparent base coat and while it’s still wet sprinkle store-brought powdered glitter on top of the nails. Once again, use a transparent coat. 

Tips for the tails

Nail art can be as subdued or as wild as you want. No wonder then women of all ages seem to love it. While you try your artistic hand at subtle French tips or glittery stained glass designs, keep these tips in mind to perfect your talons.

  1. Always wipe the surface of your nail clean with nail-polish remover before applying polish or stickers. This will remove any oil and makes the manicure last longer.
  2. Buff the surface of your nail first with a foam buffer to make your polish go on as smooth as possible. Also, a good topcoat always makes your mistakes less obvious.
  3. Although it’s a personal choice, be wary of base colours that make your hands and feet look darker and opt for those that enhance your complexion. The current trends suggest Hawaiian colours like neon pinks and oranges, fluorescent greens and yellows and funky peaches and plums. These go very well with Indian skin tones.
  4. If your hand isn’t steady enough to do nail art, try techniques that don’t involve painting on your nail, like splatter nails or cutting sections of stickers to create neat effects. 
  5. Dip a paint brush in polish remover to clean up any errant lacquer.


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